She pushes you back because she tries to protect her heart

No, she is not heartless. I know she looks tough. And the truth is, it is much stronger than you might think.

But at the same time, she always hides this sensitive little girl deep inside her.

You know, the truth is that this girl has gone through a lot in life, and that she is not ready to support you if you are not the right man for her.

She was heartbroken more than once and has been injured several times in the past.

But that does not mean that she allowed herself to assume the role of victim.

Instead, she took matters into her own hands and decided that she was the only one who could protect herself. 

She realized that her heart is the most precious thing in the world and that she is the only one who can heal it.

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The only one who can make sure she never gets hurt again.

But deep down, she is still afraid that her heart will break again.

And that’s the only reason she built those thick walls around her.

The only reason she became reserved.

She repels you because she is terrified.

Terrified of loving again and seeing her heart broken once more.

She does it because she used to be alone.

Because life has taught her that she should never count on anyone and that people will eventually betray her sooner or later.

This girl will never give you a place in her life until she sees that you really deserve it.

Because she’s done with less than she deserves.

And because she prefers to be alone, in case you are a man who is not for her.

She has no intention of wasting years of her life waiting for you to change.

Wait until you see its true value and love it for real.

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This girl has not lost faith in love.

She just knows it’s a risk and it’s up to you to try to prove to her that it’s a risk worth taking.

The truth is, deep down, she’s afraid of getting too attached because she doesn’t want to end up giving herself entirely to you without you making her the same.

She doesn’t want to be the only one making all the effort while you don’t care.

She won’t let you in because she doesn’t trust you yet.

Because she is certain that you will end up hurting her, like all the other men in her life.

That you will end up enjoying her love and that you will use her.

She does not show you the depths of her heart and she does not show you her love because she is afraid that you will not love her as she would like to be loved.

The way she deserves to be loved.

She doesn’t show you her weaknesses and insecurities because she’s been hiding them inside for too long.

Because she doesn’t want to give you the opportunity to use them against her.

She does not trust you because we have already betrayed her trust several times.

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She doesn’t count on you because she has learned that she is the only person she can count on.

This girl does not give you all her heart because she is afraid of getting lost if she does it again.

It repels you because it tries to defend itself.

She tries to protect her feelings by pretending that she doesn’t have any.

She tries to protect herself from all the tears and all the emotional pain you could cause her if she allows you to.

It does not make you a priority because it is afraid that you will put it last.

That you will start taking it for granted and that you will stop making efforts as soon as you see that you have conquered it.

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That you will start to believe that she will always stay by your side, no matter what.

Because trust me, she won’t do it.

She will turn her back on you as soon as she sees that you are not the man she deserves.

The second she sees that you are mistreating her.

She will move away from you as soon as she notices a lack of appreciation, a lack of respect or a lack of love in this relationship.

On the other hand, if you prove to him that you are worthy of his love, believe me, this girl will love you like no one else.

You just have to be patient.

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