Romantic picnic – As a couple …

Take advantage of the summer to organize a surprise picnic for your darling …<>
Because what could be more romantic than a romantic picnic in a park, in the countryside, in the forest or by the sea!<>
Discover our preparation tips, our suggestions of small dishes specially adapted for a picnic and all our tips to make this moment unforgettable and above all romantic!<>

When to organize a romantic picnic?<>

All occasions are good to organize a romantic picnic: first date, birthday, wedding anniversary, … or just to please your other half!<>
Only one constraint should not be overlooked: the weather!<>
A romantic weekend in the countryside can also be a great opportunity for a quiet romantic picnic.<>
On the site <><> you will find many ideas for unusual and romantic nights (yurt, gypsy caravan, tree house …)<>

Food and dish ideas for a romantic picnic<>

Choose fresh, simple and classy dishes or dishes.<>

For the savory<>
– Dips: small sticks or pieces of raw vegetables (cherry tomato, cauliflower, carrot, cucumber, radish, …) to taste with a small sauce of fresh cheese / chives / salt / pepper. It’s healthy, very simple, very fresh, and very good!<>
– Think of tastings in miniature formats and different flavors: mini-cakes, mini-sandwiches, mini-quiches, mini-kebabs, …<>
– Roast chicken or cold roast beef<>
– Various<>

mixed salads Don’t forget the bread, essential ingredient for a picnic worthy of the name.<>

For the sweet<>
– A candy cake<>
– Some seasonal fruits: strawberries, raspberries, melons, cherries, pieces of watermelon, grapes, …<>
– Mini pastries: éclairs, tartlets, cakes, cannelés …<>
– Delicious filled chocolates<>

As a drink<>
– Your favorite drink love / them!<>
– Still water<>
– Fruit juices<>

Other ideas:<>
– You can also order toast / mini-sandwich / shuttles. .. at a caterer. It will probably cost you a little more but the effect will be guaranteed!<>
– Choose a theme for your picnic: “Around the sea” (use seafood and different fish for your salads, cakes, toast, …), “Farmyard” (goose terrine, roast chicken, ham,…)<>

Plates, cutlery and tablecloth<>

Opt instead for THE famous wicker picnic basket containing pretty plates, stainless steel cutlery, stemware and champagne flutes, rather than plastic and cardboard plates and cutlery that have absolutely nothing romantic!<>
You can choose pretty colored paper towels (your spouse’s favorite color will be the most suitable).<>
Also don’t forget a pretty tablecloth or blanket, a fairly large size on which you can sit, then at the end of your picnic, rest while looking at the sky!<>

Some tips for a perfect and romantic moment<>

– Prefer a picnic in the early evening rather than at midday, especially if it is late at night. You will be able to take advantage of the falling night and be a little quieter (less passage, less crowd, …). At night, you can light a few candles to enjoy this sweet moment a little more.<>
– Choose a place isolated from all traffic (in the countryside, in a park, on the seaside, in the forest …), so that you can be quiet! Be careful however, some places can become disturbing at night!<>
– Favor a place sheltered from the wind, and on a flat surface.<>

The organization of a romantic picnic<>

You have two options:<>
– Make an appointment with your darling (e) in the desired location and make sure to have everything prepared in advance (tablecloth, cutlery, presentation of dishes, …)<>
– The surprise by leaving, for example, the picnic basket in front of the door. She will be surprised to find him there!<>

Other places for a picnic …<>

There is much more original than a picnic in the middle of nature! You can surprise your other half by organizing a picnic in your living room, near the fire (guaranteed effect if everything is prepared when you get back from work!), On the bed (on a rainy Sunday for example), in your garden …<>

Other moments for a picnic …<>

Lunch or dinner are the most classic times to organize a romantic picnic. However, to vary or give a little more originality at this time, why not organize a snack picnic or a breakfast picnic instead.<>
For the picnic snack:<>
Think of cupcakes (homemade is even better!): Cupcakes, muffins, cakes, fondant, or your beloved’s cake … but also fruit, candy ,. ..And for drinks: fresh fruit juice!<>

For the picnic breakfast:<>
To be organized on hot summer mornings.<>
Plan according to your tastes and those of your darling (croissants, pains au chocolat, mini viennoiseries, orange juice or grapefruit, bread, jam, butter, honey, … For hot drinks, you can transport them in a thermos.<>

Little games to do during a romantic picnic<>

– Look at the clouds! Who has never looked at the clouds and tried to find their real forms. It’s classic, but if your darling has kept his child’s soul a little this little activity should please him.<>
– A little love questionnaire<>
– Outdoor games: badminton, beach rackets, frizbee, …<>

And finally … the Checklist<>

To be sure not to forget anything on D-Day, we have prepared a check list (excluding food) which may be useful to you:<>
– Your picnic basket or dishes: cutlery, plates, glasses, paper towels<>
– Corkscrew<>
– Cooler / cooler bag for food and drinks<>
– Large tablecloth or blanket (if you want to lie down after the picnic)<>
– Garbage bags<>
– Sunscreen and parasol if your picnic takes place on the beach<>
Little extras ( not necessarily essential): hand wipes, salt and pepper<>

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