Rent a boat with your family and flee the crowded beaches!

Living in the Var is having the chance to have the beach nearby. In my first apartment (Mourillon, Toulon), she was waiting for me at the end of the street. Now the first one is a 10-minute drive. Yes, it’s pretty cool!

It usually benefits in May and June and after the summer in September. We go pretty often to the beach in the summer. And yes, in summer, the beaches are quickly overrun by locals and tourists and it is difficult to park by car, to put down your towel or try to enjoy the sound of the waves. It’s shielded!

There are still some secret corners, away from the crowd but they are fewer and fewer and not always easily accessible with children. Rest a nice solution, the boat! That’s what we did when I was a kid. We went to the beach with my uncle’s boat: no traffic on the road, no parking problem and we could even dive the boat (OK, I had trouble going up hahaha).

Coincidentally (or not), my husband had the opportunity to pass his boat license with his works council this year. It’s great because it allows to win in freedom and to escape the world!

With a boat, you can access beaches and coves inaccessible by car.

A boat trip on the French Riviera

By taking a boat rental by the day, you can do a lot of activities on the Côte d’Azur. We can go in particular to discover:

  • the islands of Hyères: Porquerolles (and its paradisiac beaches), Port-Cros (and its natural reserve), and the Levant Island (and its naturists ^^).
  • on the Nice side: Anse Scaletta and the Pointe Saint Hospice promenade.
  • in Cannes: the Lérins Islands (We had enjoyed visiting the Île de Saint-Honorat and its former monastery)
  • in Marseille: the castle of If and Frioul Islands
  • offshore: see the dolphins in the heart of the Pelagos Sanctuary.
  • and of course the creeks of Cassis.

All these destinations are very attractive in summer and it is difficult to access. By boat, you would not have this problem.

Oh yes, but you know what? He did not pass his boat license! Ha hah has! So we will wait a little longer before booking eh! But the idea is there!

or holidays at sea

And for those who try it, it is possible to go further and spend their holidays on a boat! In the family, for example, you can go to discover the wonders of Corsica or Italy. The prices of sailboat rentals often seem high but you save all the accommodation/hotel since you can spend the night on the boat. They are equipped for nights and depending on your budget, you can even find catamarans with cabins having all the comforts of a hotel room and a real bathroom.


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