Psychologists recommend that women do these 7 things to be respected by their partners

To preserve a relationship, both partners must love each other and respect each other. But it seems that over time, the happiness of a couple can crumble for many reasons. One could mention, among other things, the routine, the lack of attention or the non-respect of the freedom of the other.

Like communication or trust, respect is part of the foundation of a healthy relationship. The link between two partners must be strengthened day by day, and without mutual respect, a relationship will eventually collapse. When we become too lax, let some things that hurt us, we risk to suffer psychologically. Thus, the relationship can become fragile and eventually break down.
To ensure that you maintain a harmonious relationship, here are some of the things you can do on a daily basis:

1. Give him the freedom to live outside the couple

Over time, the relationship becomes stronger and partners become undeniably closer. However, to think that your half belongs to you is to take away your freedom to exist outside the relationship. It happens too often that one of the partners becomes much too possessive and tries to control the actions of the other. It is a lack of respect to unconsciously condemn the other to exist only through you. But do not forget that respect is mutual …

2. Do activities without him

Of course, you too must give yourself some time outside of your life as a couple. You have the right to travel with your friends, to grant you moments that belong to you without necessarily thinking of him. Your happiness should not depend on his presence. You must not confine yourself to a fusional relationship that will prevent you from being happy without your partner. To keep the moments of pleasure to two, it must first be able to find happiness with oneself. Practicing activities without your spouse allows you to develop your self-confidence and maintain a social connection that is essential to your psychological well-being.

3. Give him the opportunity to express his point of view, without imposing his own

You do not have to agree all the time. Each person is unique and has his own conception of things, his ideas and his intrinsic principles. Just because you’re in love or in a relationship does not mean you have to adhere to each other’s ideas. Keep a constructive exchange by listening to your needs, your desires and your point of view while giving yours. Accept your differences to strengthen your relationship.

4. Be honest with your partner

Lying and betrayal break many couples. By showing sincerity in the relationship, you put your partner in trust and encourage them to be honest with you too.
Be careful, there is a difference between being sincere and telling yourself everything. If it’s important not to lie to your darling, you do not have to say things if you do not want to. You have the right to keep your secrets and protect your personal bubble.

5. Never compare it to one of your exes

One of the worst things you can do to your partner is to compare him to someone you have had a relationship with. Whether the comparison is to his advantage or not, avoid making this mistake. He does not want to know what you lived with your ex. Leave your past behind and focus on your present happiness by trying to make your partner happy.

6. Be kind to others

For a positive couple dynamics, each partner must show kindness. When he tells you his problems or he talks to you about his weaknesses, do not judge him. Avoid criticisms that may upset him. Instead, try to understand him and help him overcome his fragility by using compassion.

7. Assume who you are

Do not play a role with your other half. Be authentic and affirm your personality as it is. If he loves you, he must accept you and love you as you are, with your qualities and faults and with your strength and fragility.


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