Only stay with a guy like that

Like many things that are worth it in life, love is risky … Because you never know how things will end.

When you’ve been single for a long time, it’s normal for the following two things to happen:

1) One has the impression that one will never find true love.
2) We have a naive vision of love and everything related to it.

For many of us, once we really fall in love, it feels like everything will be forever perfect and will only come down to those photos that many of us post on Instagram.

We think that everything will be eternally only romance, long hugs, passionate kisses, gifts and incessant reminders of the reasons why we love the person with whom we are and vice versa.

But then, over the course of love, the reality of life catches up with us and although it is wonderful to have found someone to share it with, not everything remains eternally perfect.

Then come to the arguments and even less shiny stuff.

We can face depression, anxiety, chronic illness or a disorder that we may not have been aware of when we met … And then, love is no more than romanticism, but it also becomes real.

And you end up surprising yourself with the desire to become single again or by seeing your partner move away to clear your mind.

We can also find ourselves yelling at him and saying “go away!” Or “find yourself, someone, you can manage”.

But if you are with someone you really love for what you are, you are sick, you sometimes behave stupidly, quiet a few crises or have bad character, a man who you really meant remain still and always with you.

Because true love does not give up in the face of difficulties, it becomes stronger over challenges.

So if you’re currently in love or looking for a love that will last a lifetime, make sure you find a man who is just like that :

Stay only with a guy who calls you after an argument, even at 3 a.m., just to make sure you get a good night’s sleep and get to work the next day.

Stay only with a guy who won’t leave you because of anxiety, an eating disorder or depression; but who will learn about it and do whatever he can to love you anyway.

Stay only with a guy who can see you naked and love you despite all your faults.

Stay only with a guy who isn’t just interested in what you can offer him sexually, but who also makes sure you’re mentally ready before you do anything.

Stay only with a guy who will never question what you are, but will remind you that you are beautiful and unique in every way.

Stay only with a guy who will love you enough to reveal parts of you that you didn’t even know about, a guy who will lead you to grow as you fight and will always be patient.

Because true love is not perfect, it evolves. And the worthy man you stay with will always remind you of why you are meant to be together.

Life is short and you deserve nothing but a fulfilling and authentic love.

So don’t settle for less and blame yourself for not having yet realized that such love exists. Just know that this is the case and that you should always be ready for it.

If you were to do only one thing today, just remember to only stay with a guy like that.

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