No encounter is accidental – 3 types of cosmic ties

Nothing happens by chance.

In this world, in which we are fortunate to live, any meeting, even the slightest, serves a greater purpose.

Sometimes we need someone to wake us up and help us change the direction of our lives; at other times we need someone to lift us up and remind us of who we are. Sometimes it’s just a question of who we need at one time or another.

The irony is that we are not supposed to know about this grand design that each of the people we meet in our lifetime serves, but we are supposed to remain open to each of these meetings and to what they can reveal…

In a way, we have to look at the world as being full of connections – some ties are purple silk, while others are made of rough canvas. However, each link represents a meeting that must take place.

We are supposed to interact with others and let our lives overlap. Sometimes it seems like social media is destroying this need for real connections, but something in our minds changes as soon as we start to really understand that everything is happening for a reason.

Not all of our meetings are meant to result in something lasting; sometimes these only live for a short time. Maybe just to get you late and avoid a car accident – or even help set up a meeting with a potential lover. Sometimes the universe sends us people supposed to help us on a journey, without necessarily having to become an integral part of it.

Life is a magical mystery of synchronism, the belief that the universe sends us signs along the way to help us walk towards our life goals. These can take the form of a person, an angel, a number, a song or even a pen meaning that a project is in place but that we do not yet have one consciousness.

Sometimes it seems like the most incredible things in life are hiding and are the ones we can’t recognize.

Maybe we can’t even make plans for our destiny – but maybe we can prepare for them by making room for the unexpected.

These souls intended to awaken us.

I think these are individuals who constantly intervene in our lives, or at least over extended periods. Often they are even soul mates or twin flames. These intervene in our lives to create dams. In the end, they prevent us from continuing to live the life that was ours and from ignoring the call to awakening.

In many ways, these people are rare pearls and sometimes we are able to guess them from the first meeting. Generally, there is a feeling of recognition as well as a feeling of familiarity between beings, this, however, does not mean that they are not supposed to disturb the status quo.

When we are young, we all have an idea of ​​how our life is going to unfold – so we head to these places where all we can do is laugh at the path chosen. Nothing is going as planned, because that is how it should be.

Instead, we sometimes benefit from divine interventions of which these people are the instruments, they are sent following “prior contracts between souls”. In fact, the meeting was decided well before our birth; as well as its place and time.

And then, fate comes into play and all that remains is to let it orient us towards the project that life demands that we pursue.

These souls will help us remember who we are.

In life, it sometimes seems that we have to fight hard not to forget ourselves. We are these extraordinary children, full of enthusiasm and creativity and somewhere along the way, we sometimes forget what we so fervently believed in.

We often turn our jacket over in order to become responsible adults, and somewhere along the way, we forget what we were born for. It is no longer about the money we earn or the work we got – it is about our soul and our internal compass.

Do we live every moment by being in tune with ourselves? Or have we adopted the ideals and expectations of others, trying to become what we think others expect from us? The hardest thing we faced was the decision (and the journey to it) to be ourselves, to innovate, and to live by our own truth.

These souls come into our lives to remind us of who we are, so we can start to be in tune with ourselves. Sometimes they will be gentle – and sometimes they will be more abrupt so that we remember what we forgot.

In truth, in order to become what we need to be, we sometimes need to remember who we were before we try to become someone else.

These souls who just have to keep us busy for a while.

They are often the ones who cross our path for a brief moment, supposed to occupy us for a moment, in a certain way.

These are the conversations started on a bus that last for hours, or the smiles exchanged as we walked a coffee in hand, wondering why our hearts were broken again. Often we think that cosmic connections must take the form of long and vivid experiences – but in reality, we experience them every day.

Just because a person does not stay in our lives for years does not mean that their purpose will not be fulfilling and rich. Generally, these souls know us little; they can even be those people who are invisible to most eyes, a homeless person on the street or a hitchhiker on the side of the road.

But the best part is that we all have a story, we all have a purpose in this life. Sometimes people step in to change our lives and stay there – other times they barely stay there to allow others to enter.

Our connections, our interdependencies make the world incredibly unpredictable, because the reality is that we never know when we are going to come across someone, sent to change our lives.

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