Micro-dating: 20 small dates to share with your loved one

No need to block an evening at the gastro restaurant to get closer to your loved one, the mini date can also be effective. Here are 20 ideas for a quick date.

Life is so made that we do not necessarily have an entire evening to dedicate to our loved one. Mainly because of work or kids. The solution? Micro-dating. Yet another love trend developed by Generation Y who this time advocates ultra-short dates to get into our minister’s schedule.

If the principle can be slightly freaking out – no longer having time for the people you love, it’s the beginning of the end -, it must be admitted that this also makes it possible to transform harmless moments into romantic parentheses. And above all, avoid letting everyday life intrude too insidiously in our relationship, to the point of tarnishing the relationship that we cherish so much. According to a study by Legal and General, 67% of young parents would even agree that these meetings really help to keep their private life afloat.

We have listed 20 small ideas for you to make a date between two chores / professional meetings, and continue to maintain the flame without bordering on burnout.

1- Have a coffee together in the morning

Rather than hanging out in a towel while scrolling through your Insta, spend some quiet time together. You will see, real life is worth it.

2- Call you for the break already

Even better: FaceTime at lunchtime. To the pleasure of the voice, add that of the image and enjoy the conversation more.

3- Go shopping together

You can opt for the market version if you want to make the experience more trendy. Personally, we have a soft spot for the words of love declaimed in front of the deli section of the Franprix.

4- Watch a mini-series

Type Friends or The Office. Funny and effective.

5- Walk the dog

Or how to combine business with pleasure, and rave about the hairy wonder that you consider your child in concert.

6- Swap a dinner at the restaurant for a dessert at the restaurant

Who needs a 7-course tasting menu to have a good time? Not you, a pseudo fondant chocolate cake will do the trick.

7- Make love (quickly)

Anyway, nobody believes you when you talk about your 30-minute costs, so assume and get started in the short format.

8- Take a bath

For two, it goes without saying. You can even try out Out of Africa hair washing – just be careful that Klorane dry hair doesn’t tear your eye out.

9- Order dinner – and add the candles

When it remains anecdotal (ecological conscience obliges), the delivery of meals has great advantages. Particularly that of not taking the lead for the amount of butter burnt in the pan.

10- Spend a moment at the bookstore

Stroll through the shelves of classical literature, drawing inspiration from the great authors of another time to declare your love. Dying to die for, that’s why we love it.

11- Take a (single) drink on the terrace

Avoid letting yourself be embarked for more than a half – time to look at yourself in the whites of your eyes as you shovel like teenagers.

12- Before going to bed, spend 30 minutes cuddling telling yourself about your day in bed

No screen in the room, just you, your partner, and a more or less interesting discussion.

13- Read next to each other on the sofa

Sometimes talking is superfluous, the company itself is enough to get closer.

14- Go for a walk at the park

Hand in hand, sit on a bench to reinterpret Brassens’ song. What am I saying, George’s masterpiece?

15- Cook together

Yes, we’re having a lot of food here. But admit that it’s crazy how passion can be reborn when you prepare vegetarian lasagna.

16- Help yourself to a well-deserved glass of wine in your apartment or his own

From a bottle that you or the other kept for special occasions. After all, your couple is a great opportunity.

17- Go to work or sport together, by bike

Like what, when you want to find time to maintain a relationship (and reduce your carbon footprint), you can.

18- Abuse voice notes

One of the digital scourges of our generation, the voice note on the phone still has the gift of making us hear the sweet words of our partner without going through the horrible messaging service.

19- Offer him a homemade massage

If you’re lucky (and more time than expected), you can even follow up on number 7.

20- Go around the neighborhood after dark

A little bit of a ban that has the gift of captivating us. Walk hand in hand after 10 p.m., enough time to clear the air for two.

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