Men are obsessed with breasts: 10 scientifically proven reasons

Ever since pop culture has openly sexualized women’s breasts to appeal to men’s sexual desires. But why are men attracted to women’s breasts in the first place? What makes them stimulating and visually appealing? You are about to discover what science says!

1. It’s a natural need

It is natural for men to love breasts. Most doctors tell women to breastfeed their baby and there is a reason for that. The fascination for breasts starts there and evolves into something that we would not normally correlate with breastfeeding.

2. It all starts with breastfeeding

The fascination for breasts begins with breastfeeding, why? According to specialists, breastfeeding is an evolutionary “movement” that occurs during this powerful binding phase. But these specialists promise that it is “far from bizarre” and that it then evolves naturally.

3. Oxytocin and dopaminergic chemicals do all the work

It is said that as soon as a baby starts breastfeeding his mother, he triggers prolactin, oxytocin and dopaminergic chemicals in the mother’s brain. It concentrates it and a stronger bond is created. But here’s the real reason: since men obviously do not suck their whole life, this same chemical reaction is replaced and passed on to their lovers.

4. What is the power of these chemicals?

What is the power of the rise of dopamine on physical intimacy? Whether it is a baby breastfeeding his mother or a man in intimacy with his wife, the rise and reaching of the dopamine spike are so powerful that it is a constant need that persists in the mind. This makes the need for intimacy with the breasts consistent.

5. Women are just as excited

Women are just as excited by men’s fascination with their breasts when it comes to the actual act. Men tend to caress, massage or stimulate women’s breasts during sex or foreplay. According to a study from the University of Sheffield, 82% of women find this exciting, so it’s a win-win situation.

6. The bigger the breasts, the better

According to Huster magazine, men say that the bigger the breasts, the better, but there is a scientific fact behind this particular desire. According to evolutionary biologists, men are excited by larger breasts because this is synonymous with “good health” especially when it comes to giving birth to future children. The more breasts are full, the better the storage of healthy fat is during the breastfeeding process.

7. Breasts can be tempting in a dangerous way

Breasts can be a tempting hazard for men. Sometimes the temptation to see breasts leads to poor decision-making. One study did an experiment on men watching videos of pastoral scenes, and others watching videos of half-naked women in slow motion, “Alert to Malibu”. Those who watched pastoral scenes earned more money than fans of Malibu Alert. Scientists have found that it was “a classic delayed gratuity” created by the intertemporal choice ie a choice involving events that took place at different times.

8. Behind the intertemporal choices

The intertemporal choice occurs when the brain associates reward with its pleasure center. According to the scientists, the areas of the brain responsible for goal-oriented motivation “extinguish the reasoning centers of the brain, mainly the prefrontal cortex. Neurochemicals activate the reward and motivation circuits to push men to take the reward. ”

9. Chemicals work hand in hand

Oxytocin and dopamine work together. As we have already seen, they focus the mother on her child during breastfeeding. But what else? According to the scientists, “It also helps to imprint the face, smell, and sounds of the newborn in the mother’s reward circuits, making breastfeeding a wellness experience, motivating her to continue.”

10. The men’s brain is reconnected during s ex

Finally, when men stimulate the breasts, not only do they excite women, but something else happens. Oxytocin that has been stimulated during breastfeeding is re-engaged and focuses man’s attention on his partner’s face, smell and voice.

So, any man’s fascination with breasts is not centered on a sexual predilection. Feel free to share these scientific facts!


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