Maybe a part of me will always love you, but maybe it’s good

Since the terrible day of our breakup, things have not been as painful as before. But no matter how much time has passed and how much better I seem to be, there is something left: how a photo, a song or just hearing your first name can so quickly bring me back to moments that we shared. Sometimes I wonder if it is possible that a part of me will love you forever, and if it is possible that it will be good.<>

Because, most of the time, I’m pretty sure I can say that I’ve moved on. Then there are those moments when my heart still seems to beat for you. Honestly, there is a part of me that will always feel love for you.<>

I don’t cry anymore when I look at pictures of us, I rather feel a bittersweet feeling. This kind of feeling that fills me with joy because I think of this love that I was lucky to live with you. But it’s also a feeling of emptiness, a feeling that leaves me pensive, wondering if one day I would have the chance to relive that again.<>

No matter how much time goes by, if you need me, I’ll be there. No matter what time of my life I am in, I sincerely believe that I could give up everything to be there when you need me.<>

I always felt like you had some kind of grip on me. This type of grip that would allow you to take me back a few steps, no matter how good everything is in my life.<>

The spark and the passion between us may go back to ancient history, but I don’t think that means that my love for you has completely disappeared. In a way, it terrifies me because I am afraid that everything will come back suddenly, in a few seconds …<>

Maybe it’s because you were my first true and mature love. Perhaps it is because I have given you so much, only to lose everything in a few seconds. Maybe it’s because of how you make me feel, something I had never felt before. For whatever reason, letting go has always been difficult. Even if the days when I loved you seem to belong to another era, I keep a part of you with me.<>

But maybe this is normal. Maybe love leaves its mark on us. And we keep a special place in our heart for each love we live. And maybe that’s exactly how it should be.<>

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