Marrakech, its souks, its riads, and its palaces, there reigns an atmosphere that one finds none elsewhere. It is a bubbling city where you can get lost easily, this guide will allow you to find you there.


  • Historic Marrakech

Marrakech is a city steeped in history. A former capital of Morocco, it houses architectural and cultural treasures.

  • The Bahia Palace

One of the most beautiful palaces of Marrakech that you must not miss. It was built to accommodate the royal family in the 19th century. According to our guide, her name La Bahia which means the beautiful is a tribute to the king’s favorite. But according to National Geographic, it would be rather a tribute to its rich ornamentation, its beautiful gardens decorated with ponds, patios and tropical flowers. Its construction lasted 14 years.

  • El-Badi Palace

Once the most sumptuous palace in Marrakech, El-Badi Palace is now in ruins. It was sacked by the Sultan Moulay Ismaïl in the middle of the XVIIeme century so that the world forgets the size of the preceding dynasty. However, one can still guess its splendor of yesteryear through its imposing enclosure, its immense courtyards, and its gigantic gardens.

  • The Saadian tombs

Visit tombs it may seem very creepy, but I reassure you this is not the case. You will discover a set of elegant mausoleums with incredible architecture made mainly of marble. Here are about 60 members of the Saadian dynasty. It is once again the sultan Moulay Ismaïl who had these tombs closed to make forget the prestige of this dynasty. In this case, the tombs remained in oblivion until 1917, where they were spotted by an aerial photographer. What is crazy is that they are however in the center of Marrakech.

  • The Ben Youssef Medersa

Formerly the largest Koranic university, the Ben Youssef Medersa offers an environment of exceptional beauty. It was turned into a museum in 1960. It is one of the most popular sites in Marrakech. For good reason, it is an inestimable wealth, from the entrance you will fall in love with its bronze door, adorned with beautiful sculptures in cedarwood and mosaics.

  • Live Morocco

Marrakech is a high place of tourism, but it is especially a real experience to live. Impregnate yourself with its way of life in its souks and gardens.

  • The Koutoubia Gardens

Koutoubia is the iconic mosque of Marrakech with its impressive minaret of 77m. If access to the mosque remains reserved for Muslims, you can easily walk through its gardens. It is a peaceful place close to the madness of the souks.

  • The bazaars

I loved getting lost in the souks, all more crowded than others. They are divided into different trades. So you find among others the souk of leather goods, fabrics, ironwork, etc. … We have many times asked if the souks remain authentic with real artisanal work … sincerely we have a doubt …

However, there is a special atmosphere that you must discover. If you’re like me, you’ll quickly get a taste of negotiation … a fun comedy that makes shopping fun.

  • he tanneries … The false good idea

It is for some a must in Marrakech, we promise you a trip to the heart of Moroccan crafts …

Clearly, for us it was out of the question to go. Already because to read the many experiences the scheme is always the same: You are lost? Someone comes to help you. You naively accept help before understanding that you have to deal with a toutsman who ends up taking the status of “guide” of the tannery … Of course, despite what he promises you, the visit is not free some had to pay extravagant sums for a summary visit. Others who refused to pay escaped with threats and insults … In short the kind of situation that you do not necessarily want to live on a trip.

The other reason I would never go there is that these tanneries continue to exist only for the tourist attraction. Working conditions are archaic and deplorable. Testimony proves it, in addition to the unbearable smell, workers wade in a mixture of water, quicklime, salt and pigeon flisse clearly do not smile. Tourists who go there unconsciously encourage work that does not spare the health of men.

  • Cultural places

The city has been a source of inspiration for many artists, creators and architects. We can not remain indifferent to the charm of Moroccan culture

  • The Majorelle Garden

Probably one of the most famous places in Marrakech, this botanical garden lives up to its reputation. On nearly one hectare it gathers about 300 species. It is a living work of art, composed of exotic plants and rare species that Jacques Majorelle, its creator in 1929, brought back from his travels around the world.

Majorelle died in Paris in 1962 and her garden was abandoned for several years. In 1966 Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé discovered the garden during their first stay in Marrakech, they will buy it in 1980 to bring it back to life.

There are so many people, so I advise you to go early in the morning. You will surely be won over by its mix of colors and chic atmosphere.

  • The Yves Saint Laurent Museum

Located near the Majorelle garden, the museum includes a showroom on the work of Yves Saint Laurent, and another devoted to Jacques Majorelle. There are also rooms for temporary exhibitions that showcase the work of contemporary artists including Moroccan artists.

  • The Secret Garden

The secret garden is a botanical garden in the heart of the medina. Although it is not so secret, there is a good chance that you lose yourself a little while looking for it in the heart of the souks … but do not give up … This little haven of peace in the middle of the madness of the medina is a treasure. I recommend it a thousand times!


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