Lovers never stop trying to make their relationship work

We all know that a romantic relationship requires effort, sacrifice and compromise. You don’t get love on a golden platter without having to do anything. After all, to be happy, you have to deserve it! So, for a couple to work, both partners must invest equally to make their relationship work.

If you are in a toxic relationship where your partner takes advantage of your generosity or your sensitivity to take advantage of it, your relationship is doomed to failure. The two partners must work together to build the foundations of their relationship. They have to accept the fact that none of them is perfect and that not everything is going to be rosy between them.

But just being in a bad relationship doesn’t mean you have to give up. We can either make the choice to end this half-hearted relationship, if we consider it not worth it, or we can decide to fight. And, when the two partners are really in love, they choose to do everything to make their love (and their couple) victorious.

Certainly sometimes it can be very difficult. But, if the couple is really in love, they always find a way to restore balance and resolve their problems. For them, sincerely investing in their relationship is not a waste of time or a waste of energy. No ! It is an investment that can pay off in the long run.

When you are really in love, you choose to ignore the small faults of your spouse or partner. For example, you can close your eyes to its messy side or to its annoying way of always wanting to keep everything clean. After all, even the negative aspects of the personality of our other half are part of it. You cannot love it only for its good sides, you have to accept its character as a whole.

Of course, we are not talking about big flaws like alcoholism or violence. No ! We are talking about small faults that we do not notice at the beginning but which can grow over the months or years. Perfection does not exist, so one cannot expect to have a perfect partner. On the other hand, a person can be perfect for us!

To love someone is to accept them as they are. We don’t try to change the sides of his personality that we don’t like. To be in love is to push the other to work on oneself so that he or she becomes better. It is to believe in his or her partner because we know that he or she has a huge potential that is just waiting to be expressed.

When we are really in love, we support each other in bad times and we always respond to celebrate the good. To love is to respect the other and his decisions. Even if you do not always agree with your choices, you must learn to let your partner make your own decisions, even if it means having to catch him or her in flight.

Love requires patience, understanding and communication. A truly loving couple knows that it is important to discuss and find solutions together to the problems they may have. To love is not to turn a blind eye to the unacceptable behaviors of one’s partner, it is to explain to them why this kind of attitude jeopardizes the couple.

The importance of efforts in a romantic relationship

If you’re really in love, you don’t let the routine take over the romance. You cannot treat the other person as a precious commodity, at first, then take him or her for granted, once you know that he or she is really in love with you. You have no right to forget that you are lucky to have found your soul mate.

To thank him or her for being part of your life and to tell him or her that you are grateful for everything he or she does for you, you must continually make efforts. Sometimes it’s just little gestures of kindness like helping him do the dishes while it’s his turn because you’re aware that he or she is going to be late for work.

Making efforts does not necessarily mean moving mountains and valleys. Love and respect are shown daily through small acts. Sometimes you’re going to have to wear that awful t-shirt he gave you for your birthday only to say “thank you” for thinking of me. Sometimes you will eat the cake she lovingly prepared even if you hate chocolate.

Love is really hidden in small gestures and small compromises. For example, you will call your partner before you stop for shopping to check out what he or she wants to eat for dinner. Or, choose a movie that will appeal to him rather than something that appeals to you.

To make efforts in a romantic relationship is also to give him detailed compliments on his new haircut or on his outfit so that he or she knows that you are not saying this only to flatter him or her. Your other half needs to know that you really mean what you say and they need to feel the pride you feel when you walk alongside them.

Sometimes making an effort means carrying your bags so that she does not get tired or playing nurse when he is sick. Sometimes it means answering their texts as quickly as possible so that the other person does not worry. And, nowadays, efforts also means posting photos of you as a couple on social media to show that you are happy to have this person in your life.

You can also make efforts in your s ex life. Test new positions or new techniques to spice up your couple and get out of the routine. S ex is an essential part of a romantic relationship and to neglect it would be a big mistake. It is a moment of sincere intimacy and a way to check if you have a connection also at this level.

Sometimes, to make efforts is to organize a romantic evening for his or her partner or a romantic weekend. Other times, it is to deprive yourself of watching a television series because the other is absent and loves to lie on the sofa to watch it with you. To make an effort is also to drive for miles to participate in an evening or to visit family members.

Even if your partner does not want to go at the start, you know that, in the end, he or she will be happy to be out. So you make the effort to give him a little boost to motivate himself. Because, when you think about it concretely, all these efforts mean only one thing: “I love you”. It’s proof that you’re together for the right reasons.

Efforts are the physical manifestation of how you feel about each other. So if you have to listen to a song your partner loves repeatedly, do it! Because when your other half is happy, so are you. Often, it is said that it is the small gestures that count and it is something that people in love know perfectly.

Do not be afraid to waste time or energy to please the other. These will not be lost moments, trust us. Whatever you give to your partner, he (or she) will return it to you with interest. The positive feeds on the positive. So all your efforts will not be in vain. Their goal is to make the other happy and therefore, by extension, to make you happy.

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