Love or friendship: how to make a difference?

Even though at first glance friendship and love may seem like two completely different feelings, they also have a lot in common. You may, for example, feel a loving friendship for your friend or simply a friendly affection for your partner.<>

In friendship as in love, the two people feel strong feelings, want to spend as much time as possible together and maintain an emotional connection. So how do you tell the difference between love and friendship? To help you differentiate these two feelings, we will first dwell on their common points and then reveal the signs that prove that you are living a romantic friendship.<>

Love or friendship: commonalities<>

Intimacy is the guiding line of love and friendship. This feeling represents the emotional connection that two people share and which differentiates them from people who are only considered acquaintances. With an acquaintance, you can have superficial conversations but you cannot share deep, positive or negative emotions.<>

Friends want to spend as much time together as they can be honest with each other and because they feel comfortable talking about their problems or failures. <>Two friends are never bored when they are together because they have a lot in common. And, love and friendship share this feeling of intimacy.<>

A romantic relationship cannot last if there is no intimate connection between the two partners. Besides, very often, your lover is your best friend for this reason. Then engagement is an essential part of the romantic relationship. Two people have the same goal and they want to work together to achieve it.<>

You can, for example, decide to get married, have children, or move. As a couple, it is easier to achieve these goals than by being alone. And, friendship also involves a kind of commitment. Very often, your friend can be your roommate and there can be many goals that you want to achieve with him or her.<>

However, in friendship, commitment is not a prerogative. Some friends live completely separate lives but continue to talk to each other very often and get involved in each other’s lives. It is all a matter of spiritual connection and trust. Friendship and love are based on respect, communication and acceptance of the other for who he or she really is.<>

A partner or friend will never push you to change and become someone you are not. Love or friendship, the relationship that two people maintain is based on their ability to be tolerant of the other’s faults and to recognize their qualities and talents.<>

What are the signs of a loving friendship?<>

Intimacy and commitment are therefore two components of love and friendship. But what differentiates these two feelings is attraction. When you feel a s exual attraction that evokes passion in you, you are then in love. Even if, over time, passion can fade, a healthy romantic relationship needs it to function.<>

However, some friendships can be of a s exual nature. We all know the term <>friends with benefits,<> that is to say friends who sleep together but who share no attachment. These relationships lack commitment even if they are intimate to some degree. However, it is not uncommon to see a friendship turn into love.<>

So love or friendship? <>Very often, two people start by being friends before seeing their relationship evolve towards something closer to romance. <>So, if you want to know what are the signs of a romantic friendship between a man and a woman, here are some clues.<>

The 5 signs of a loving friendship:<>

1. You are constantly thinking about each other.<>

When you have a strong friendship with someone, you obviously think about that person a lot. But, if you cannot erase it from your mind for just a few minutes, then you are in love. To be sure, you can try to make a list of your thoughts. By analyzing it, you will see if these are harmless ideas or if signs of love.<>

2. You talk a lot about each other.<>

Generally speaking, you are not constantly talking about someone who is only your friend. Both of you talk to each other all the time. Whether it’s your family or friends, this topic of conversation is your favorite. Why ? Because you are more than friends and you need to express your feelings.<>

3. You feel a s exual attraction.<>

A platonic friendship does not imply s ex, of course! You may be attracted to a person with whom you have no romantic connection but if this s exual attraction is accompanied by intimacy and possible commitments, then you are in love with each other! If you want to have s ex with your friend (not just have a night out), your feelings are much deeper than you think.<>

4. You are jealous.<>

Without romantic attachment, there is no jealousy. You may be afraid, for example, that your friend’s new partner will prevent you from seeing each other as often, but that stops there. On the other hand, if you become very jealous, it is a sign of your subconscious: you are afraid of having lost your chance to admit your true feelings. Besides, if your friend breaks up with his or her partner, you will feel relief: the field is free again for you. If that is not a sign of love …<>

5. You have trouble controlling your emotions when you are together.<>

When you’re in love, it’s hard to control your anxiety. And, it is very visible! You feel butterflies in your stomach or cramps that don’t want to go away. All these strange sensations are signs of love. So if, every time you see yourself, you feel this kind of discomfort, you are most certainly in love with each other.<>

What to do if you notice the signs of a loving friendship?<>

If you think you are having a loving friendship with your friend, what should you do? Whatever you decide, you are going to take a risk. The first option is the truth: you confess your feelings to the other. And, in this case, your friend will tell you what he or she really feels. If he or she sees you the same way, you may be able to build a true romantic relationship in the long term (because you were friends first).<>

If he or she doesn’t feel the same way, it can endanger your relationship. you may be able to continue your friendship as if nothing had happened but, deep down, you will feel broken. So before you make your big reveal, you can observe your friend’s body language, which can reveal a lot about their feelings.<>

The second option is to say nothing at all. You choose to keep your feelings for yourself and continue your friendship as it is. However, this choice can have negative consequences. Over time, your hidden emotions will resurface and as they will regardless of your decision, this can be done in an explosive way.<>

It is therefore better to be honest and take the risk of admitting everything rather than having regrets later. Love friendship is like any other relationship … Complicated! So you can always ask your loved ones or other friends for advice. Your entourage only wants your happiness so it will not throw you to the wolves.<>

If your loved ones think it’s a good idea to admit it all, listen to them. They have surely recognized the signs of a loving friendship and they believe that the two of you could make a great couple. On the other hand, if your loved ones advise you to keep this for yourself, it most certainly means that they think that the feelings are not mutual.<>

In this case, you can call on a specialist to help you analyze your feelings and perhaps even mourn them. Contrary to what many people believe, friendship between a man and a woman is possible. One can simply be friends with the opposite s ex, without having ulterior motives.<>

Certainly the loving friendship between a man and a woman is something that we often see. At least, we believe it. However, this relationship is much more complex. Before succumbing to your body’s calls, make sure you have verified that all the components of a romantic relationship exist and prepare for the consequences of your decision.<>

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