Love is a complex thing, but it’s worth it

Love is a complex feeling. To love is not only pleasure. On the contrary, love can be a source of doubt and above all, it requires a lot of work and effort.

But when we really love someone, when we are dying to be with him, we are ready to do all this work and all these efforts.

Between dream and reality

We are lulled by romantic movies and literature. All these works that feed us with fantasies and give us the impression that nothing is easier than love. To love is simple. To love does not require any effort. Love comes naturally. It preserves itself naturally and is thus perpetuated until the end of time.

We are then convinced that it is enough to meet the right person and that all the rest will follow. It is believed that love is self-sufficient. That it is only butterflies and rainbows.

But we are all wrong. All this is wrong. It’s a marshmallow. A lot of nonsense that we all integrate in childhood and we use despite the reality. In short, it’s a dream. Pure fantasy.

These are the difficulties that strengthen couples

In my own experience, couples who have gone through many difficult things are the happiest. Those who are built-in adversity and who succeed in overcoming obstacles that should have separated them are the strongest and the most fulfilled.

Children, we are bathing in fairy tales. We integrate a vision of life extremely watered down. We believe that we will grow up, meet our Prince Charming and live happily until the end of time.

Unfortunately, life is responsible for showing us that we were wrong. Because the reality is different.

Love is a fight

As we get older and apprehend the love and the life of the couple as they really are, we discover that it is a fight. That life together is paved with hardships and trials that we need to survive.

Love is complex. He is a fight. We must fight for him. Life is difficult and it is something that we understand very quickly. We understand above all that we will not be spared and that like anyone, we will have to fight.

You will encounter difficulties. You will have problems. You will live in complicated moments. You will argue with your other half. You will be close to separation, etc. Anyway, you will have to make efforts … Just like me.

But it’s worth it!

All these fights can be discouraging. We quickly say that it is not worth it and that we would be better alone.

And it’s a completely natural reaction. Human. In the face of adversity, we all want to give up and curl up. We think that anyway, it is doomed to failure. We just want to leave and not to suffer anymore.

We have the impression that everything is black and that nothing can be arranged. We say that our relationship is impossible and that love is nothing but a source of suffering. We have the impression that we will never see the light again.

But just fight a little bit more. A little bit longer. To realize that it’s worth it, more than anything else in the world.

In other words, just hang on and believe it. 

In love, we must always keep hope

Whenever you will be discouraged. Whenever you want to give up, remember this:

Nothing that is worth it is easy. Life, by the way, is anything but easy. Above all, keep in mind that moments of doubt and despair are inevitable. It is thanks to them that we can then be able to appreciate our happiness and our joy at their true value.

Remember that we all have moments of weakness, but we must keep hope, keep our heads up and redouble our efforts to make it work.

To choose to flee is to choose the facility and choose to live in regrets. Choosing to stay is choosing to fight and choose happiness. 

Love, especially happy love is a choice. You have to be active and take action to make it work.

True love is never easy

A true love is passionate and ardent. It is made of fire and flames. In this case, how can we believe that it is easy?

No, it’s not. True love requires great effort, compromise and even sacrifice. It demands that one surpasses oneself, that one takes on oneself and that one persists, again and again.

True love is more difficult than anything else. It is a challenge. A surpassing of oneself. A superhuman effort. A fight every day.

To love, you have to have the desire and the will. You have to be ready and prepared to fight. So, do not believe in fairy tales anymore. Do not think anymore that it is enough to do nothing. This is what makes love so beautiful. It is beautiful because it is difficult and it is a challenge.

Leakage is not an option

It’s a truth in life in general. We do not win anything to escape. On the contrary, by running away, one bursts into misery and regrets.

Anything worthwhile requires fighting and advancing despite hardships. So, whenever you have doubts and you want to give up, remember this. Remember that in life, nothing is ever free.

It’s true for everything and especially for love. Love is a struggle every day. Love is a fight, but it is also a deliverance when you give yourself 100%.

The leak is not an option. Neither for you, nor for others. Even less for the person who shares your life. When we have dared to say “I love you” to someone, we must then be able to prove it to him … Notably by fighting for him. By fighting for our couple.

To flee from love is to flee from the most beautiful thing that life can offer us.

Passion and intensity

To love is to be passionate. To love is to be ardent. It’s burning from the inside. To consume for the other. These terms may be a little silly, yet they define perfectly what you feel when you really love someone.

Love is madness. Love wins. Love entails. Love realizes all impossible. Love heals everything. Love makes everything forget … But only if you fight for him.

But very quickly, through effort and compromise, we realize that love deserves nothing less. Love deserves that one abandons oneself to it and that one lets it penetrate all our life. He deserves every little fight we have to fight, like every great battle. To put it metaphorically, love deserves our blood … Like our tears.

Love deserves to be exhausted.

Because when we really love someone, we have only one fear: to be separated from him. And we do everything we can to ensure that this eventuality never happens. We give ourselves 100% and to the end of our strength. We do everything we can to make it work, whatever it costs us.

And it is from this love that one draws the strength and the ability to overcome any obstacle whatsoever.

Love is the fight of life

Because love is the very emanation of existence and of what is precious. But as in any beautiful thing, there will be ups and downs. Happiness and misfortunes. Love is swearing to brave the storms, to support each other in the best and worst … But well before the wedding!

And in the face of real love, nothing can be done. In the face of true love, escape is no longer an option. In the face of true love, we are in some ways obliged to fight and persevere. It’s like having no choice.

In short, we do not run away from difficulties. We face them and we overcome them. We make the necessary efforts. We take on ourselves and we advance. We do not let down, never.

Because it is in the difficulties that love is really revealed and strengthened. It is only in these moments that one can really appreciate the love that unites two people.

So fight. Fight for love. There is nothing that is worth more.


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