Love in a distance: it’s possible

Remote love has a bad reputation. One can easily understand why … Yet loving at a distance is not impossible. It is even an excellent test to know if you are with the right person.

Of course, it’s not easy. To be separated from the loved one is always painful. Not being able to find the other one when one wishes is difficult. Especially since separation is often a source of doubts and questions.

But beware, if love at a distance can be profitable for a couple, they should not be away most of the time. We understand that being with someone we see only once a year is almost impossible.

But short separations can be positive for a couple. Discover now why!

Love at a distance = maximum involvement

Maintaining a relationship at a distance is often an alternative to breaking up. Alternative allowed by the many technological evolutions of the last 10 years. One understands that 50 years ago, it was much more difficult to love oneself at a distance … If epistolary relations have their charm, it is difficult to build a real relationship based on a few letters.

And in case of transfer or departure abroad, we often made the choice to separate. But today, it’s different. And when we make the informed choice, to two, to love each other despite the distance, is that each partner agrees to get involved in his relationship.

It is also for this reason that love at a distance is a good way to test the strength of a relationship. Because in any case, for a couple to last, each of the partners must make efforts and put their own.

But when we live together on a daily basis, it is easy to do the minimum while giving the other the impression of getting involved. With distance, it is impossible. Remoteness requires everyday efforts.

The moments shared by two are more intense

A couple who lives separately will tend to plan all the activities they will do once they are together. We know what we will do and where we will go. In fact, one avoids all the existential questions of the type “what do we do tonight?”.

The shared moments are therefore much richer and much more intense in emotions. We learn to truly enjoy the time we have together. We do more things and we maximize the time we have.

Couples who find themselves after long separations know how to enjoy and live, in the full sense of the word. These couples also tend to be more spontaneous. Despite planned outings, they are more likely to make last-minute plans. They are often freer and less subject to the constraints of everyday life.

Remoteness avoids the weariness and routine that occurs in many couples and often sign their death.

We know what the lack is

Couples who are constantly together find it hard to know what the other’s lack is really about. This is, of course, normal and understandable. They also tend to take the two-for-one moments for granted.

But when we live separately, we learn the true meaning of the word “lack”. And indeed, we also appreciate the return of the loved one and the reunion with it. We know how to appreciate the time spent together at its true value.

The moments of separation are also an opportunity to reflect and take stock of his relationship. Couples who live their love at a distance succeed very quickly in “analyzing” their relationship, its advantages and disadvantages. They learn to savor the presence of the other and to quickly qualify it as indispensable.

All these reflections contribute to make the couple more solid. We know what we want and what we do not want (faster in any case than in the context of a “classic” relationship).

The distance maintains the romanticism and the desire …

When one lives apart, lack and desire are often increased. One burns to find the other, to kiss, to hug, etc.

In fact, we also make more use of his creativity … We imagine the reunion, we dream of the next moments spent together and words that will whisper in the ear of his lover.

We also compete for ideas to express his love to others and to let him know that he is important to us. We want to cover him with attention and show him our affection.

In short, when we live far from one another we tend to redouble romance! It is also easier to express one’s feelings. It’s easier to say “I love you” on the phone than orally. We dare more things.

But if the lack favors the expression of feelings, it also maintains the desire. The wait makes the reunion only better and rare are the living couples far away who are bored under the duvet … Every part of legs in the air is unique and new!

We also know how to take advantage of its independence

If you live the time spent at two more intensely, you also live the moments spent alone more intensely. We learn to savor the time we have only for ourselves. One learns to savor one’s independence and to make the most of it.

Having moments to oneself is extremely important and many are those who tend to forget themselves in favor of their relationship. But this is something that people who live their love at a distance do not know.

They have time to play sports, take care of them, focus on their well-being, etc. They can do whatever they want and give their friends and family time. It’s a bit like being single the week and a couple on weekends !!!

We can more easily compartmentalize his life

When you are in a relationship and you are working (or studying), it is very difficult to reconcile all aspects of your life. Either we forget his family, or we forget his friends, or we leave a little lover aside.

But as we said, living in a distant relationship and dedicating oneself entirely to one’s partner in times spent together makes it easier to devote oneself to one’s friends, one’s family and one’s self in times when he is not there.

Love at a distance allows you to acquire an ability to compartmentalize your life unequaled. It is also easier to set priorities and deal with all that is important in life. We also learn to relativize …

This way of life, atypical I recognize it allows you to enjoy your life more by taking advantage of each of your loved ones to the maximum! Because being alone the week and some weekends forces us to maintain our friendly relationships and make efforts to see our friends.

In short, it’s a way of balancing one’s life and relationships.

A way to improve communication in the couple

Living a love at a distance means learning to communicate effectively. Without that, it can not work! When you can not see each other every day, you have to learn to communicate in another way.

And we can say that on this side, the technological prowess of recent years are extremely useful! Skype, Snapchat, social networks and other text messages are exceptional ways to maintain the connection, even when living apart.

But still we must learn to use it properly and regularly. How to love someone if you only talk to them once a month?

Moreover, when we live far from each other, we tend to be more jealous and to develop more doubts. Indeed, we go out separately, we sleep far from each other, etc. We must learn to communicate and maintain trust.

It is important to learn from each other, learn about the day, etc. Similarly, in case of conflict, it is essential to be available and open to discussion.

Because if, when we live together, it can happen to go to bed angry without it being too damaging for the couple, it will be difficult if we live separated …

It is, therefore, a question of finding time for one’s half, of being attentive to one’s needs and questions and of answering them in due time. When we succeed in doing this, we improve drastically mutual trust and thus the entire relationship.

Love at a distance: a great way to learn how to manage your time effectively!

Yes, it is not necessarily the first thing you would think about contemplating love from a distance … And yet! When we live separately and we meet only on weekends, we quickly learn to finish his work to be released from the arrival of Saturday.

Likewise, when you are a student, you learn to concentrate more quickly and to remember the information faster, in order to be absolutely available to enjoy your sweetheart (or your sweetheart).

One learns to make profitable his time to be able to profit to the maximum of his half when it is there.

If love survives the distance, it can survive anything

Despite the many benefits listed here, we are not going to lie to each other, living a remote love is complicated. It can also be a source of pain and frustration.

But you should know that if a couple manages to survive this event, it is likely that it will survive everything. In other words, if you have managed to overcome the distance, you are likely to be able to overcome all the other obstacles that life will put in your way.

But why do we hear so often: “if they manage to manage that, they manage to manage everything else”? Simply for all the reasons mentioned above.

A remote relationship that works and lasts is necessarily a healthy relationship. A relationship where communication is fluid and where both partners trust each other. In short, the two great prerequisites for a fulfilling relationship. This is also why we can say that distance is an excellent test of the strength of a couple.

Of course, living your love at a distance is not ideal. We all dream of waking up with the loved one morning after morning. We all dream of sharing our Sundays with our lover or our lover. To set the table for two and to meet easily, after a simple phone call.

It should not be forgotten that living at a distance is financially expensive. The round trips, by train, by car or by plane greatly impact the budget of a couple.

However, distance is not an end in itself, and it can become extremely positive for a couple, if they are made for each other. Because this is the main advantage of being far away: it allows you to become aware of your feelings. It allows you to know whether or not you are compatible. It is a real test for love!


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