Love a broken girl

Time is said to heal all wounds. But when someone hurts you deeply, it sometimes seems impossible to heal. Even when you move on and everyone thinks you’ve completely forgotten what happened, there are scars on your heart and soul.

Over time, you learn to live with these scars – they just become part of who you are. But you have changed and you are never the same person as before. You have erected walls around your heart and you are afraid of giving yourself completely to anyone.

You have become emotionally unavailable. You have become emotionally broken. And you need someone special to help you get back on your feet.

Not all men have the ability or the ability to care for you. It is quite difficult to love a broken girl. They seem difficult to live with and men may think they are not worth the effort. But, believe me, they are.

A broken girl is someone who has already known how to love unconditionally. But people have used it more than once. Nobody knew how to appreciate her and everything she gave them. And she gave herself entirely to herself.

She always believed in love and hoped to find someone who would be ready to match her efforts. But, unfortunately, it did not happen. She went through a lot. She endured more pain than you can imagine. And his heart is no longer the same.

But a broken heart can only be healed with true love. So you have to be more than patient with this girl. She seems difficult to reach and sometimes she will be sarcastic and closed. But she is not sure of herself. She is terrified that you will treat her like everyone else before you.

She is afraid that you will use it and keep it with you only as long as you need it. She is afraid that you will take her for granted, manipulate her emotionally and treat her like a toy.

She thinks you’re going to see it as a free sex ticket. Most of all, she is terrified that you will leave as soon as you realize how broken she really is. She is afraid that she will be too difficult to manage for you, because she is aware of her emotional damage.

But never look at her through her broken heart. As soon as she senses that you feel sorry for her for everything she has gone through, she will be back in her armor. She doesn’t want to be seen as weak and broken. She wants you to trust her.

She needs you to believe in her, because she doesn’t believe in herself. You must love her so much that she will learn to love herself again. Because it’s the only thing that will help him recover fully and start his life over.

She will question everything you do. She will not believe that your feelings and your intentions towards her are sincere. She cannot believe that someone can love the person she has become.

The men in her life before made her believe that she was not good enough, convinced her that she did not deserve the love and attention of anyone. His self-esteem is at a low point. She is not pretty or intelligent enough. She believes herself to be worthless and blames herself for each time that she was caused pain.

You will have to constantly remind her how beautiful and intelligent she is. Above all, you will have to remind her that she is strong and that she is worth fighting for. You will have to remind him of the beauty of his body and his face, but above all, you will have to tell him how beautiful and caring his heart is, even if it is broken.

She will be afraid to open up to you. Sometimes she will seem distant and disinterested. You will even think that you are nothing for it. There will be times when it seems like she hasn’t stopped loving the man she loved before you. But you couldn’t be more wrong.

She’s done with him and wouldn’t even consider going back – she just isn’t done with the things he did to her. She projects her behavior to everyone else and expects all men, including you, to treat her as he did. And, yes, she cares about you. She let you into her life and it is a proof of her love for you.

But it just needs time to open up to you. Unfortunately, the men in her life taught her to keep her emotions only for her and showed her that she will be hurt as soon as she expresses them. This is why it seems cold at times, it is only its defense mechanism.

She won’t ask you much. She likes the little things in life. You will not need to take him to luxury dinners or buy expensive gifts from him. If you do, she’ll appreciate it, but it’s not the things that will impress her. The only things that can really impress him are love and attention. She will be delighted by the small testimonies of your affection which will show her that you really love her.

Try to get to know her and really love her. Never try to change it. All the men in her life have tried to do it and have tried to mold it to meet their standards. And on the way, she got lost. Show him that you are different.

Help her find herself and show her that you love her with all her imperfections and faults. Show her that you don’t want her just because of her physical appearance, show her that you appreciate her soul and that you love her because of her personality.

Never treat it as an option. If you want to help her heal, you will want her to realize that she is your priority. Yes, she will sometimes be too dependent, but it only means that she has learned to love you and is afraid of losing you.

Most importantly, show her that she can trust you and count on you. Be the shoulder she can cry on, be her rock – allow her to feel safe and secure around you. Show her that you will not leave her as soon as things get difficult.

It will take a long time for her to realize that you are trustworthy and even more before she can rely on you. Never breach her trust by telling her things you don’t think and don’t intend to achieve. Show her your support no matter what.

She needs to know that you will be there for her at all times. Always be honest with her. She will always prefer the truth, even if it is harsh. As soon as you try to lie to her, she will see him and she will lose all the confidence she had for you.

I know it all seems too complicated and too difficult to manage. Broken girls are sometimes like that. But believe me, a broken girl will give you more love than you can imagine . They require a lot of time, patience and energy and require a lot – but give so much.

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