Is he mentally cheating on you? Here are 8 alerting signs to know

For the past few weeks, your partner has been weird. He walks away from you, has no time to see you and hides his cell phone from you. What if he mentally cheated on you? Here are the unmistakable signs to find out.

In a couple, there is nothing worse than deception. And even if you think about it a lot less, mental deception is just as hurtful. Insidious, it is difficult to detect.

If you doubt your companion, there are however small, subtle things, to notice on a daily basis, to determine whether or not he is cheating on his head.

He does everything to keep you from seeing his cell phone

His laptop, in recent weeks, has become a more than precious object. He is even at the heart of all his attention. He takes it everywhere with him and never lets it hang out somewhere. Yes, even to go to the bathroom.

In addition, when he uses it, he will orient the screen in such a way that you do not see what is happening. Above all, he will be reluctant to lend it to you, whatever your request.

“If you have the impression that this behavior is new, then yes, I think it is because it is trying to hide something from you,” said Susan Krauss Whitbourne, psychologist, at the American site Cosmopolitan.

He is all the time on social media

Even if you don’t have access to her phone, you’re not an idiot. For the past few weeks, he has been receiving notifications from Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. Basically, his life on social media suddenly became very active.

Obviously, this does not necessarily mean that he is cheating on you, but perhaps that he is hiding part of his life from you. And it’s not very pleasant to find out, right?

He’s on his phone as soon as you two

And above all, it gives you no explanation. Yes, it happens to everyone to have an emergency to manage, even on a full date. However, if your boyfriend no longer really benefits from your dating and that in addition, he does not even try to justify himself or apologize, it is surely because he is thinking of something else. It remains to be seen who or what.

“If you have the impression that you are competing for the attention of your boyfriend, it’s normal that you are suspicious of him,” says the specialist. Especially if he hadn’t behaved like that before.

He doesn’t tell you anything anymore

One of the best aspects of a romantic relationship is that in the evening when you get home, you have someone to tell about your day and your problems. It’s always nice to spend a romantic moment to talk about everything in your head.

Except that here, for some time, your boyfriend has been telling you absolutely nothing. He simply stopped giving you his secrets, his desires, etc.

He doesn’t care about you

You haven’t slept together for a while. It does not matter and it is not a sign that everything is going wrong in your relationship. Sometimes it just means that you are going through a period of calm.

However, your boyfriend has lost all of his tenderness. He no longer kisses you, no longer hugs you, and he doesn’t even try to be next to you. Maybe he’s having problems right now or maybe he’s thinking of someone else. Try talking to him to see how he reacts.

He sees a new person

For the past three weeks, your guy hasn’t stopped going out with his or her new office colleague. A real bond has developed between them, to the point that you feel completely excluded. The worst part is that he always prevents you from coming and that he always finds time to see or see her but never has a minute to give you.

“If your partner does not want you to get to know his friends, it can be mental deception. He is trying to lie to keep you away from him,” advises Susan Krauss Whitbourne.

He always compares you to someone in particular

If he keeps showing interest in someone else, it may be because he weighs the pros and cons of your romantic relationship. It’s unfair to you, we agree. However, it looks like he only sees the negative in you and everyone else is great in his eyes.

It’s a shame because the partners of a couple must support each other and be exceptional.

He provokes arguments

For everything and anything, your boyfriend will ignite and get mad at you. He will blame you for everything and nothing while trying to belittle yourself. Be careful, this is a sign that your relationship is toxic and that you should flee, in any case.

He can also try to provoke arguments to leave yo

u more quickly, while hoping that you are the one doing it.

What if he mentally cheats on you?

You must take care of yourself, protect yourself above all. If this man mentally cheats on you, it will surely hurt, but you cannot stay in a toxic relationship.

Try to talk to him about it and first raise the subject with him. Just avoid bringing up the subject of deception, because maybe you are on the wrong track and in that case you could hurt it. Just talk about your feelings and the fact that you doubt the well-being of your couple. Go ahead free, as well burst the abscess instead of gnawing blood.

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