If your man does these 10 things marry him without waiting

Men and women show their love in a very different way. If a man is willing to publicly display his love for a woman, it is because he really loves him. It takes a very deep love for a man to show and express exactly what he feels on such a large scale. Here are the things a man will do to show you that he is really in love with you.

1. An uncontrollable desire to kiss you

The kiss is a very intimate way to show the love you have for your partner. The lips are very responsive and super sensitive, and passionate kisses mobilize about 24 facial muscles. Kissing sends shock waves to your body that elevate your heart rate and blood flow increases in certain parts of your body.
If your partner shows you affection by kissing you again and again, regardless of where you are, it is a sign of love. When in love, men love to kiss their partner and show their love by this means. Kissing you in public means that he is crazy in love with you and does not care about anything else.

2. He is very tactile

If he loves you, it is impossible for him not to touch you, he would caress you, play with your hair, and embrace you languidly and passionately. It’s a common physical way of expressing that he is crazy about your body and wants you in his arms all the time.

3. He puts his head against your chest

It’s also a great way to show your love, and that means he trusts you and wants to be close to your heart because he thinks it’s the safest place in the universe. He feels at home when he puts his head on your chest, forgetting all his worries. The touch of your skin and the sound of the beating of your heart provide him serenity and well-being.

4. He is passionate in bed

If your partner is in love with you, the intensity of your s ex is beyond imagination. He will show you his passion and the more you show him your desire for him, the more excited he will be. He will lose control of himself, will want to satisfy you and will show you how much he wants you. If he can entertain you and make you happy in bed, it’s good, do not let go.

5. He buys you “feminine” gifts

Men feel uncomfortable when they are going to buy things for women like lingerie, so if a man does not feel embarrassed to please you, then he really likes you. This means that he strives to make you happy even if for that he must enter an exclusively feminine place.

6. He notices the little things that make you happy

If your man really cares about you, he will remember the little details like how you like to have breakfast, what kind of coffee you like. He is attentive to the things that make you happy, and even before asking them, he does them himself.

7. Your happiness is his priority

If he really loves you, your happiness is his priority. It will help you overcome your fears and failures to be happy. If you want to do an activity that he does not like, he will try anyway. Because you are important to him, he will want to satisfy you in every possible way.

8. He finds you beautiful at all times

Does your man tell you when you wake up that you are beautiful? Does not he hesitate to tell you even when you do not expect it? Even your little faults he finds cute? If he does, you have found true love.

9. He opens to you

It is not in the nature of man to lower his guard and to open himself to anyone. He surrounds himself with emotional armor and does not show his weaknesses. So, if a man trusts you and opens up to you emotionally, he shows he has faith in you. It is a sign that he feels that the connection between you is very strong and that you are not going to judge him.

10. He is listening to you

If he is always there to listen to you when you go wrong, if he listens to your advice in life, if he is attentive to what you expect from him, and if he appreciates your opinion and does what you feel want, you are the most important person in the world for him and he loves you deeply.


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