If your husband does these 13 things, never let him go

Because of professional and personal responsibilities, routine, everyday life, feelings of love and affection can diminish. Yet, as each partner strives and thinks about the well-being of the relationship, the beauty and love of the early days can last. Moreover, these 13 things show that your spouse is making efforts in this direction!

Love is a feeling to maintain on a daily basis, just like the basics of a relationship. Respect, sharing, communication, trust are essential virtues to the success and sustainability of the couple. And the man who does these things understands it:

  1. He encourages you 

Your wildest dreams, your craziest desires or your toughest goals … With each new project, your partner encourages and supports you. Likewise, at the slightest worry and / or conflict, he takes a stand and stays by your side.

  1. He takes care of you

You are his wife, the heroine of his daily life, the mother of his children, the best friend he has always dreamed of and that is why he always takes care of you. Without sacrificing your own well-being, but with accuracy, he knows when and how to make you feel better. 

  1. He’s always hitting you

The flame of desire is as fragile as a real fire and requires as much care and maintenance over time, so that it continues to be flamboyant. Your partner has understood and continues to flirt with you and want to seduce you because nothing is ever acquired.

  1. He works hard

To meet your needs and those of your family, your partner does not skimp on efforts. At work, at home and even during the holidays, he works hard.

  1. He spends time with you

Although his schedule is busy, he always finds time for you and above all, he appreciates these moments spent in your company. It is also one of his greatest happiness, to be near you.

  1. He respects his mother

The family is important to him and especially respect for his family. But the one he respects as much as you are his mother. He is aware of the efforts he has made to be here today and wishes to convey the values ​​and education he has received from his children. 

  1. He compliments you

In the early morning, in a supermarket, at the restaurant or even after a hard day, your spouse never forgets to compliment you. He does his best to reassure you about your complexes and loves you as you are. 

  1. He is generous

Nothing is more expensive than the love you offer him and he knows it very well. Moreover, he is generous with you, be it financial, sentimental or intimate. And this quality, he proves it on a daily basis, in his way of being with others and with you.

  1. He often tells you that he loves you

In the same way that he wants to remind you how beautiful you are, he often tells you “I love you”. Far from underestimating its value and confusing it with a simple “hello”, it tells you in due course, when it knows that the whole value of this sentence will be understood. 

  1. 10. You are his priority

On a daily basis and for his future projects, you are his priority. He shows it to you by his words but above all by his actions. He has to cancel an appointment because you need him? Without hesitation. Does he come back from work early to get ready for dinner and help you with the kids? Without even asking you. Whatever happens, you are and stay his priority. 

  1. He surprises you

Even after years of relationship, he continues to surprise you. Small gifts, favorite dish, hot bath prepared or evening in the place of your dreams, he always finds a way to make a small thing extraordinary and pleasant.

  1. He knows you are forming a team

Far from believing that he is the one and the only person to run your relationship, your partner knows that you form a team because only we go faster but together, we go further. 

  1. He admits his mistakes 

When you argue, he knows how to admit his mistakes and does not charge you with any responsibility for the conflict. On the contrary, he takes a step towards you and always looks for a happy medium.


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