If you love it, don’t destroy her.

I know you love him.

Otherwise, you would not be with her. But since you’re just a human being with diverse emotions, you might be inclined to love him in all the wrong ways.

A healthy and happy relationship can turn into a destructive relationship if you treat it less well than it deserves. I hope that you will direct all the rays of your understanding of your love for her. I hope you know that understanding is what keeps a relationship strong.

I want you to remember her look when you first saw her. She was everything you wanted. Whether it’s her beauty, her wilderness, her sense of humor or her independence, there is something about her that you haven’t found in anyone else.

And what touched you the most was its completeness.

If you like it, keep it like this. Keep it beautiful, wild and complete.

While she is the master of her own destiny, I would like you to understand that you play a major role in her life. How you treat it determines how it is seen – you can make it shine or lose it.

Is a statue in your hands and she only hopes to be held with caution?

If you love it, don’t destroy it.

Know that it was destroyed before and that another destruction is not what it seeks. If she is with you, know that she has overcome her fear and insecurity to be with you. She went over her past and decided to give love another chance. She entrusted you with the health of this relationship, and of her heart.

Don’t drop it.

You destroy it as soon as you think you know it. It is not a book that you will end up finishing. She is not something to discover, so live every day as if you were meeting her for the first time.

Be present. Nothing destroys it more than your emotional absence. You can sit by his side all day and not really be there, but you can be very far physically but still be there

Stimulates his thoughts, his emotions, his being. Dive into her soul as if you were diving into an ocean.

Know that you will destroy her if she ever feels that you need her instead of wanting her. You will destroy it if you only love it when loneliness overwhelms you. Because she is always looking for your love, not just when your fears and insecurities arise.

I know that your own past sufferings may have destroyed you. But don’t love her just so she can help you carry your emotional baggage. Don’t love her if you only want her to fix you. Know that it will, over time, without your knowing it.

His love and existence will heal every part of you. But if you are with her only to fill the void within you, she will know it – and it will destroy her.

And remember, she doesn’t want to be fixed either. Maybe she told you about her painful past. You may know every detail. But she didn’t tell you so that you could heal her – she only told you so that you would know what she endured and how she became what she is today

She wants you to recognize that your actions towards her – motivated by love, understanding, and patience – are what count.

Don’t treat her like a broken woman. It is whole, even if it has been broken everywhere. Accept it with its scars, but don’t touch it. Let her know why she has had destructive relationships in the past. Let her know that she went through the “worst” so that she can enjoy the “best” with you.

If you love her, love her with all her faults and insecurities. She is as imperfect as you and she only hopes to share this imperfection with you. She wants to strip her soul in front of you and be herself.
She wants to be the same way with you as she is in the mirror: crazy wild and free. If you are not ready to accept it as it is, you will destroy it.

If you love her, help her build because she will do the same for you. Know that whatever effort you make, it will do twice as much.

If you show her the moon, she’ll show you the whole galaxy.

If you take her to the well, she will show you the ocean.

If you treat her well, she will love you even more.

If you love her properly, she will never forget you.

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