If you asked me why I love you, this is what I would answer you

One day someone asked me why I loved him and it was difficult to find the words to answer him. How do you describe this feeling, when the presence of a person in your life transforms you into a better version of yourself? How to find the words to say that in a world where everything is confusion and chaos, this person is the only thing that matters.

I fell in love with you the same way you write a song. I first rejected the unknown, then each word went over and over again without my being able to end it.

I just love you because it’s like that.

Because you know my secrets, those that few ears have heard.

I love you because you know my fears, and you are by my side every time I face them.

For the dreams you believe in, even though I have doubts.

I love you because it only takes a look to know if it’s a good day.

Because you only need one word to say if something is wrong.

I love you because you accept each of my faults, and transform them into strengths.

Because you know my past, but dance with the corpses that are in my closet.

I love you because you know me, and know how to read in me.

But, I love our ability to forgive each other and always be able to find each other.

I love you because you know me better than I know myself.

Because you support me, even when we are miles apart.

I love our independence, and our ability to, however, hold hands.

Because you respect me, you taught me to respect myself.

I love you for each laugh, which made me cry with joy.

Because you wiped away every tear, for which you were never responsible.

I love you because you make me feel the most beautiful woman in the world.

To be protective with me.

I also like the way you love me.

For the perfect way our fingers intertwine.

I love you for each hug, because you hold me a little tighter each time.

Because you always let me get away first.

I love you for each of your eccentricities.

And for all that you think is a fault, when I see beauty in it.

Because you understand me, in a way that I can’t even understand myself.

I love you for each kiss. Every smile. Each laugh. Each memory. For all that you are.

For what you do with me. For better and for worse.

I love you without knowing how or why, all I know is that for nothing in the world I would like it to stop.

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