If these 16 things happen during your cuddly sessions, it is clear that you have found your soul mate

1.<> Whether you are in bed or lying on the couch, you know which position will be most comfortable for both of you.<>

2.<> You are not uncomfortable when he puts his hands on your chest, because you know that he does not necessarily try to initiate s ex. <>He is just happier when his hand is in contact with your bare skin.<>

3.<> In fact, you can stick against him completely naked, without worrying that he might tip the situation over to something more s exual. It does not mean that you are no longer attracted to each other. Simply that you have seen each other’s bodies so often that you are completely comfortable with the idea of ​​being vulnerable.<>

4.<> If you want to have s ex, you don’t even have to say a word. You just barely twist your butt against him and he’ll know what to do. You are on the same wavelength.<>

5.<> If you are lazy, you will not have to lift a finger. You will make love as we cuddle, taking the position of the large spoon, you of the small! In fact, it’s the perfect position, because it allows you to caress you and your clitoris more easily…<>

6.<> After love, you can resume your cuddly session, as if nothing had changed. You’re always in the mood for a little more closeness.<>

7.<> When you cuddle, you can talk to him about anything. You can ask him questions related to a hypothetical end of the world, stupid questions like “you would prefer X or Y” and talk to him about all the silly posts you’ve seen on Tumblr.<>

8.<> If your feet are cold, you will find a way to wedge them under his legs. He won’t complain, because he’s more than used to your cold skin.<>

9.<> He kisses you in all possible innocent places, on your forehead and on the back of your hand. He expects nothing in return.<>

10.<> He’s teasing you because you take all the blankets and trespass on his side of the bed, but you know these are just false complaints. If you weren’t there, he’d miss it all.<>

11.<> You fall asleep faster when your head rests on his chest. <>It allows you to feel secure, soothed and desired. <>You never sleep so deeply when you are alone.<>

12.<> He may not feel his leg or arm anymore, but he loves you so much that he won’t move. It’s like holding a sleeping puppy in your arms. Bothering you is unthinkable.<>

13.<> He is never embarrassed in case of an uncontrolled erection. Either laugh at it, ignore it, or turn to kiss it.<>

14.<> It lets you take the position of the big spoon from time to time. He likes to feel your arms around him, just as much as he likes to wrap his around you.<>

15.<> When the cuddly session is over and you have to go back to your daily routine, you feel like part of your heart has been taken away from you. It may be a little cliché, especially since you are an independent woman, but you hate being away from him.<>

16.<> When you cuddle, you feel like you’re exactly where you want to be. Not just at the time, but for life.<>

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