If he behaves this way, he loves you!

The difference between the man who really loves you and the man for whom you are just one more girl

We tend to complain a lot about how men treat us. Our exes did not always appreciate our qualities, they did not give us the support we wanted. These men put us in the background and put their needs first.

Sometimes they were selfish, jealous or they liked to control us.

But do not generalize. We tend to forget the little things that some have done for us. They made us laugh when we were sad, they encouraged us when we had lost hope. They were generous and helped us move forward in life.

Thanks to them, we keep faith in the male gender and we are still looking for Prince Charming.

We have therefore chosen to explain to you how a man who knows what you are worth will behave towards you.

1. He always brings you home

Whether it is near or far and whatever the hour, it will always take you to your door. He makes it a point to give you a feeling of security: he wants you to feel protected!

This kind of man is an example for others. This type of person will walk on the curb that is closest to the road and behind you in the crowd to monitor what others are doing. He wants you to have a feeling of comfort.

2. He listens to all your inconsistencies

Here’s the raw truth: women talk way too much and men don’t listen enough! That is why we are often in the situation where we ask him if he remembers a conversation we had a few days ago.

Generally, he does not remember and does not even know what we are talking about, so we have the feeling of not being valued.

While this kind of man will try to listen to you and show you that he could have been anywhere and with anyone but that he chose to be by your side. He will listen to you sincerely!

3. He calls you after spending the night with you

Unlike others, it does not go away after spending the night with you. He will call you the next morning to check how you are doing.

Even if things don’t go as planned, or if it was only for one night, it will show you the respect that all women deserve.

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