If a woman does these 12 things, marry her

Most people have an idea of ​​what true love looks like. Some people have even been privileged enough to experience the joys of being in love with someone who loves them in return. However, the quest for love can also open doors to pain, and disappointment. This is why many men will try to evaluate their chances with a woman before engaging in a relationship. So, if a woman does these 12 things without you asking them, then she is really worth it!

There are some things you can look for to reassure you about the woman you are dating. If she does most of the things listed here, then she is really a woman who deserves to be kept.

1. She has no problem admitting you like her

She does not play games. She does not want to keep you on a leash and she is very honest about her intentions. She does not feel the need to let you do a lot of work because she is interested in you too.

2. She has no problem taking the reins from time to time

She is not a submissive woman. She has no problem making decisions in the relationship from time to time. She is not afraid to let you know which movie she wants to see, or where you should dine after. She is expressive and honest about her opinions. She also has no problem making plans for both of you, even if you do not ask.

3. She has a life outside the relationship

She has a life outside of your relationship and that’s a good thing. That means she’s not just dependent on you and she will not be defined as just your girlfriend. She is ambitious and also wants to make a name for herself.

4. She respects you

She treats you with the greatest respect. She never makes fun of your dreams and your ambitions. She is always positive because she only wants to help you be a better person. She never tries to belittle you.

5. She does not treat you like a bank machine

She has a steady job and an income. She does not count on you to buy everything. If she wants something, she can get it because she has the means. You know that the relationship is genuine because it does not treat you as your own ATM.

6. She is independent and strong

She has her own goals and dreams and is not afraid to pursue them. She can defend herself in compromising situations and she does not turn to you every time she has a problem. She is a great girl who can take care of herself.

7. She supports your dreams and your ambitions

She knows you have goals in life, and she never wants to be a barrier to your dreams. She is your number one support and she would never discourage you from pursuing the things you are passionate about.

8. She plays an active role in your sex life

She takes initiatives in bed. She always tries to make an effort to make every sexual experience memorable by keeping things fun, lively and interesting.

9. She is a great listener

Whenever you have problems, you always have the impression that you can turn to it to help you solve them. She is more than a woman with whom you love going out. She is also your best friend.

10. She has no problem introducing you to her friends and family

She loves you so much that she is ready to include you in her own social circles. Know that her friends and family are very important to her, and the fact that she seeks to integrate you into her social groups is always a sign of strong attachment.

11. She never talks badly about you when you’re not there

She respects you enough to tell you about your faults and your faults but in private. She never does it with other people just to humiliate you. She always wants to be constructive because she believes in your potential.

12. She has no emotional baggage

She does not wear crosses from her previous relationships, so you do not have to worry about a relationship with an ex. She left behind the past and is a good sign for the future.


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