If a man really loves you, he will never stop fighting for you

You may be trying to apologize to her. You may be trying to find all possible alibis for him. You are probably trying to comfort yourself with these lies and fantasies that populate your mind.

But if he treats you badly, it’s not because he’s tired. If he is cold and distant, it is not because he is stressed. If he’s getting away from you and your relationship, it’s not because of all the things he has in mind.

No, if he is not fighting for your love, it is for one and only reason: he does not love you. It’s the truth and deep down, you know it. Despite the lies, you tell yourself and the stories you try to believe in, you know he doesn’t love you.

Just as you know that he is neither shy nor prudent. You know that he is neither on the reserve nor confined. Nor is he intimidated by your personality, your strength or your courage. He is not afraid of the love he feels in him or the love you give him.

It’s just that he doesn’t love you enough to give you the love you give him. A man who truly loves you will never stop fighting for you and for the love you share.

The men, like the women besides all love this moment of the conquest in love. It’s human and natural. Things, like people, are more valuable when it took persistence and determination to conquer them.

All the precious things require work. It is also the case with love. Love is earned by effort. This is the reason why a man in love will do everything necessary to conquer your heart and keep your love.

And beyond that, he will also love the challenge of conquering you, winning your attention and your respect. In love, men like to take the reins and take center stage. They don’t particularly like to sit and wait for love to fall into their hands as if by magic.

No, they run after their happiness, after the things they want. They work hard, make compromises and efforts if necessary.

And it’s always been like that. It is the very foundation of the love conquest. Men run after the woman they want. If you notice that your man does not seem to show the slightest desire to chase you, it is probably because his love is not sincere.

Surely even because he doesn’t feel anything for you. Of course, he will be able to point out a whole bunch of reasons why he isn’t completely with you. He will tell you that he is too busy, that one of his previous relationships made him suffer, that he has a lot to manage at the moment, that he has family problems or a whole bunch of others pretexts.

He may also tell you that he has difficulty getting involved. And the worst part is that all of these things may be true. But this is not the question. Even if they were true, the fact is that he doesn’t love you.

Because if he loved you, none of that would count and none of that would keep him from being with you. This is, moreover, all the strength of love: it has its own way of overcoming all barriers and obstacles.

So if he does not act in this way, it is simply that he does not love you. I know, it’s hard to hear, but we’ll have to accept it. Love cannot be forced. It exists and is born of itself or does not exist.

Of course, you can choose to wait in the hope that it changes and treats you the way you deserve, but there is very little chance that it will happen. But you can also choose the reason, that of going away. It will be difficult and very painful at first but trust me, you will not regret it.

Give-up on him. He doesn’t love you and will probably never love you. You deserve to find someone who has feelings similar to yours and offers you all the beautiful things you deserve.

Stop believing that if he is like that, it is because men are generally not very expressive. Because not telling your feelings orally is one thing, but treating you like you don’t count is another.

Stop telling yourself he’s in love with you, but refuse to admit it. If it was, you would feel it and you would know it very well. Reading a man’s heart is not that difficult. You just have to be attentive to his actions and his way of being when he is with (or without) you.

If he makes no effort for you and your relationship, it is simply that he does not want it, that he does not feel the need for it. Because he does not want to build anything with you and because he does not see himself with you in the long term.

You have a hard time accepting it and I understand it. But you are not meant to be together. You have to find the courage to leave it and move on, to look to the future. Have faith, you will end up meeting someone good.

Love will eventually fall on you when you least expect it. And when that happens, you will have the most wonderful experience in the world, of those that mark us forever.

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