Ideas to Break the Weekly Routine

You are in a relationship? Are you looking for ideas to get out of your routine? What to do? How to do?
Discover our anti-routine tips and tricks!

When you have a busy family life, with young children, a busy job, sports or associative activities, … it is not always easy to keep an ounce of romanticism and to escape routine!
Married or cohabiting, young couple or old couple, … there is no age for the routine. She can settle in at the start of a relationship. If some love the routine life of a couple, others would like to break the routine for fear that it will damage their love.
We, therefore, suggest that you discover some practical tips that are easy to implement to get out of this routine, to break it and to overcome it.

Ideas against routine

1 / If you have children, especially young children, set a specific bedtime. You will be able to enjoy your evening with your companion and think a little more about yourself.

2 / If you are a television, zap the TV at least one or two evenings a week. Ditto for the computer and the smartphone. Take the opportunity to do a fun or original activity together: board games, cook as a couple, chat, or even read to yourself (read for example one chapter per week)

3 / Do a sport or creative activity together at least once a week. Also take original outings: theater, concert, SPA / massage … as soon as you can.

4 / Treat yourself from time to time to small simple gifts: his favorite pastry, the DVD of the film he / she had adored at the cinema, a bouquet of flowers, chocolates, …
Some links that you might find useful:
– Flower deliveries : , , , etc. – Gifts: , , etc.

5 / Make yourself little surprises from time to time: surprise invitation to the restaurant, surprise meeting at your workplace for a romantic lunch, romantic candlelit dinner, sweet little words written in unusual places in the house, and even why not an improvised surprise weekend, …

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