Ideas of places for a romantic picnic

It’s sunny, it’s the weekend, and you would like to organize just for you and your darling, a little romantic picnic? We therefore offer you some ideas of traditional or more original places and places to organize your picnic.<>
But first, a little wise advice: choose a quiet place, away from the crowd and where the heat is not too heavy.<>

On the beach<>

What could be more romantic than a romantic dinner on a beach in summer while contemplating the sun which gradually disappears on the horizon. It is also a good opportunity to walk hand in hand at the edge of the water, to look at the stars by re-creating the world in pairs or simply to huddle together and listen religiously to the sound of the waves.<>

By the river or lake<>

If you live rather far from the sea, why not choose a small corner lost near a pretty river or a lake. You will be able to enjoy nature, calm and relax as a couple. Also take the opportunity to row (if the place allows it), have a ricochet contest, or even to swim (if the place is also favorable!).<>

In a park near you<>

The idea of ​​a picnic in a park is rather traditional but you can enjoy the calm, a little greenery and the sun. It is the ideal place for all city dwellers! Indeed, who has no park near his home to organize an improvised picnic for lovers!<>
However, choose a quiet corner of the park, away from trails and walkers.<>

In the living room<>

No need to go far to surprise your companion / companion with a small dinner or organized lunch … in the living room. Why not, for example, prepare for the woman or man in your life an improvised picnic in the living room before returning from work. A tablecloth, a champagne bucket, a candlestick, a wood fire and voila … you get a surprising and original romantic picnic!<>
Another idea: the garden can also be a very good alternative!<>

In the countryside<>

A little getaway from the city for a country picnic … that’s a romantic idea! On the program: meal in a secluded corner among the flowers, walk in the barefoot fields, picking wild flowers, siesta entwined listening to the … silence of the countryside. Relaxation and calm guaranteed!<>

In the forest<>

In summer, take advantage of the coolness of the forest to organize a romantic dinner with your sweetheart. Away from the beaten track, in a pretty little clearing, you will feel alone in the world and will be able to fully enjoy this sweet, calm and relaxing moment by listening to the sounds of little birds and the wind in the leaves. And who knows, the silence of the place may allow you to see small wild animals!<>

In an unusual place<>

Take advantage of a romantic weekend to picnic and sleep in an unusual place! The site <><> offers many original night ideas: caravan, cave house, dome, boat …<>

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