Ideas for activities and outings to do as a couple when it rains

Ah the rain! She doesn’t seem like anything, but she can unfortunately ruin your romantic days! No more picnics, hand in hand walks, lunch on the terrace, romantic outings… Everything is over until the sun comes back!<>
But do not panic ! Rain also has advantages … You will be able to do, as a couple, an activity just as entertaining! Because yes, you will have to be original to avoid the famous afternoon series / plaid / hot chocolate!<>
Whether you refuse to leave the house or on the contrary you absolutely want to face bad weather, we offer you lots of nice ideas for outings or activities to do as a couple when it rains!<>
You will find last minute ideas, games, scheduled outings …<>
Here is our emergency plan that will save your rainy Saturday or Sunday wonderfully!<>

– Go to the Cinema<>
– Go to the Theater / Stand up / Concert<>
– Go Bowling / billiards<>
– Go to the Skating Rink<>
– Go to the Museum<>
– Make an Escape game<>
– Shopping<>
day – Cocooning day (movies, popcorn, massages … )<>
– Board games or games bar<>
– Photo session at home (rummage in your wardrobe looking for unusual outfits or accessories)<>
– SPA / Sauna / Hammam<>
– Duo video games tournament<>
– Read a book together<>
– Create a souvenir album (photos, concert tickets, restaurant cards … without forgetting to add a legend under each item)<>
– A romantic bath for two!<>
– Cook a meal worthy of the biggest restaurants (it should take you a good part of the afternoon!)<>
– Write the book of your couple story<>
– Play a game of questions to get to know you better (example: <>Questions for your couple<> )<>
– Make a list of your joint projects (Link to discover: <>Create a couple bucket list<> )<>
– Marathon of your favorite series … or discover a new series together!<>
– Organize a picnic in the living room!<>
– Invent your couple cockail … And find a name for it!<>
– Create a common playlist with your favorite songs<>
– Take a bath for two<>
– Start meditation together (by following videos on Youtube)<>
– Make a puzzle together (500 pieces)<>
– Do a workout at home<>
– Do a pillow fight<>
– Visit an aquarium<>
– Go to karaoke or organize a karaoke improvised watching videos that Internet<>

And for the bravest … go out on the street to have fun in the rain! When it rains the street is yours … run in the rain, kiss under a tree, jump in the puddles … Pick up children for a moment!<>

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