Ideas for a romantic bed breakfast

Breakfast in bed may be a classic of romanticism … but we must recognize that it is always pleasant and pleasant to prepare this surprise for your loved one!
Bewitch him with a good hot coffee, tickle his nostrils with the smell of a hot croissant, make him listen to the crispness of a very fresh baguette … he is sure you will melt your other half!
In addition, this will allow you to start the day off right!
A good idea for Valentine’s Day, a wedding anniversary or a date, … or simply to please your lover.
Find out how to organize a romantic breakfast in bed …

When to prepare breakfast in bed?

The best is to prepare a surprise breakfast in the weekend. Thus, neither you nor your sweetheart will be pressed for time and you will be able to take full advantage of this very pleasant moment of sharing.

How to prepare breakfast in bed?

First of all, please get up earlier than your partner. It would be a shame if your surprise is completely ruined if your friend gets up while you are tweaking everything.

On the set:
– For a breakfast in a classic bed, choose your hot drink and your favorite pastries. Otherwise make an assortment of mini pastries, add a basket of bread, jam, butter, orange juice or grapefruit juice.
– Choose a nice coffee service. This will perfectly decorate your tray. Also don’t forget the teaspoons, the butter knife and the towels.
– Put a red rose (which symbolizes love) in a small vase or simply placed on the tray.

Some other ideas for breakfast recipes:
– Scrambled
eggs – Pancakes served with maple syrup
– French toast
– Fruit salad
– Muffins
– Pancakes

Some breakfast drink ideas:
– Coffee
– Hot chocolate or Viennese chocolate (with whipped cream)
– Tea (Earl gray for example)
– Fresh fruit juice (orange, grapefruit, clementine, …)
– Fresh fruit smoothie

Little more romantic ideas

– Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to create slices of white bread or romantic pancakes!
– If you find that the bed is too “cliché”, you can choose to have this breakfast in your garden or in a park, … or even why not in your living room, in a much more picnic version.
– Write a sweet note and hide it under your darling’s cup (be careful, however, that she / he discovers it before you serve her hot drink!
– Offer her flowers (or have it delivered to you) Some examples of online stores: , , , …
– Offer him a small personalized gift with his nickname, his first name or your two first names. Examples of online shops: , ,

Where to find a “special breakfast in bed” tray?

There are trays specially designed for breakfast in bed. They have feet which allow them to rest on the bed.

Another original idea: Have breakfast delivered!

Also note that there are many companies specializing in the delivery of breakfasts to individuals.
They are found in some major cities in France.
Your companion / companion will be surprised to see a good breakfast arriving at home on a rainy Sunday morning.

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