I want a serious relationship and nothing less

Love, relationships between men and women and encounters have now turned into chaos. We love and the day after we do not like anymore. We take, we throw, we take again and so on. We sleep without feelings. We wait before bed, even when we have feelings.

Everything is calculated. Love is often synonymous with manipulation. Words do not want to say anything and love gestures are becoming more and rarer.

And I’m tired of it! I want everything except that. I want something real, real. Something that makes sense. I want to love and be loved with a big A. 

So, if you want a hit of a night, an affair that runs only at night or an improved friendship, go your way! I’m sure you’ll find satisfaction, but it certainly will not be with me.

I do not want to sleep anymore, I want to make love

I do not want to have relationships with men who do not like me. I want to offer my body only to a man who will hold to me and to whom I will hold.

Not that I’m against sex on the first night or against those who decide to take intimate relationships lightly. Everyone does what he wants and I do not judge anyone.

Let’s say rather that with age, I learned that making love was much more enjoyable and much more enjoyable than a single shot of a night. Feelings add something so precious to carnal relationships that I do not want to do without it.

I want to make love, in every sense of the word.

If I get married, it will be with someone who really cares about me

To couple with someone is to love, support, support, listen, comfort and a thousand other things. Getting in a relationship is easy when you love. But it’s also difficult.

Having to reconcile two lives, two personalities is often a more complex task than it seems.

But then, why take all these risks for someone who does not interest us? Why embark on such a great adventure with someone for whom you feel no sincere feeling?

In any case, I’m tired of meeting men (and I’m sure there are plenty of girls doing the same thing) who do not care about me. Fed up with men who pretend, who lie and who invent. I’m fed up with talkers and talkers.

When I think that I gave several months of my life to a man who did not remember my name after 6 months … It was a mistake and I will not commit it twice.

I want a man who cares about me, my needs and my desires. A man who holds to me what!

I want to live with someone I can count on

Because it’s the thing with almost relationships, it’s a one-to-one. We can not really call each other when we want to. We can not discuss all the topics that are important to us (sometimes, we can not even talk at all!). It is difficult to indulge and to reveal oneself. You have to think about everything and censor yourself.

And what I want is everything! I want the benefits of a relationship, but I am also willing to accept the “disadvantages”. The term is pejorative, let’s say rather that I am ready to make all the effort that requires a mature and serious relationship.

I want someone to share my life, in its entirety. Because that’s what I’m ready to offer. What I want to offer to the man who will live with me. I do not just want someone to share a bed with!

I am independent and autonomous, certainly. But that does not mean that I do not aspire to meet someone I can count on. This is my definition of love and I would like a man who has the same vision of things as mine.

I want a partner. From a fellow traveler.

Are you afraid of getting involved? It’s not my problem!

I think there is no excuse more banal and stupid than this one! Well, I’m exaggerating because I do not doubt that there really are people who have had a life justifying their fear of getting involved. But they are few and I am sure that these do not spend their evenings to flirt and to chat the others!

No, the fear of engagement is often just an excuse. A way to escape and justify dubious behavior, or even lower than land.

You’re not afraid to get involved with someone, you just do not want to! And that’s your right. There is nothing wrong with that. On the other hand, taking others by boat is not a right. And a little honesty would be welcome.

Love is scary and I understand it. It’s the same for me. But when we really love, we can not help it! In fact, when we really love, we are able to overcome any fear! So, if you do not manage to engage with me, it’s just that I’m not made for you and you’re not made for me.

Either we are interested in someone, or we have nothing to do

It’s a story of two. This is especially complicated when we can do very simple: either we like it or we do not like it. Either we want to start something with this someone, or we do not want to.

And I assume that when you start developing feelings for someone, you also want to try to build something serious. Even so, we want to go slow and take time.

Throwing yourself into something without being sure of yourself usually means that the person in front of you is not the right one. I like to believe that when you meet the man or woman of your life, you know it pretty quickly. At least, you quickly feel the need to get in a relationship with her or him (really).

And in all that, what is important is above all to communicate. It’s about expressing what you feel and being honest. Nothing really complicated then.

I am tired of the pseudo “relations”

I do not want any more of two. I do not want to be a backup plan anymore. A girlfriend with extra benefits. I do not want to wake up one morning and realize that the man I’m falling in love actually has 3 relationships at the same time.

I do not want to hear words like “I want you, but I’m not ready to put a label on our relationship yet”. I think that if I heard that one more time, I could go crazy!

No, all these “almost relationships” make me feel unhappy and uncomfortable. Again, I do not judge anyone and everyone is free to do what he wants, but it is clearly not done for me. I need something else. At this point in my life, I want more.

It’s simple: single, I’m happy. As a couple, I am happy. But everything in between makes me unhappy. So I will never inflict this kind of situation again. I need a clear and clear relationship. I want someone who shares my life and not just a couple of nights here and there.

I do not want any more dramas

Because what we are not told when we are 16 years old is that “pseudo relation” is synonymous with dramas! No, it’s only rarely light because one of them always ends up getting attached.

And here, it is jealousy, mistrust, defiance and anger that take hold. In short, that negative feelings and that make us very quickly unhappy.

I do not want to have to decipher contradictory signals for hours. I do not want to spend whole nights wondering about the meaning of a simple text message full of mystery.

And if the relationships require work and effort, they usually lead to fewer melodramas than transient links or unclear and undefined “tricks”. Because when you’re in a relationship, you always know what to expect. We know why we are here and why our partner is there, despite the difficulties: for love …

Almost relationships are disturbing and you never know what you represent. We are in doubt and we have no certainty. I think that life is complicated enough to inflict on that.

I have so much love to give …

This is perhaps the main reason why I do not want any more bad relations or one-night relationships … Because I have so much to give that I do not want to mess with someone who sheet of me. From now on, I want to reserve for the one who will be worth it.

In other words, I am ready for great love and I just want to meet someone who is at the same stage as me.

I experienced a lot of things. I tested Tinder and dating sites. One-night relations, improved friendships and secret liaisons. But I’m sick of it. I need something else.

I’m comfortable with myself. I am happy with my life. I am at peace with myself and I know myself relatively well. I am mature and serene. I am ready to give myself everything. I’m ready for the big adventure!

I want a real love story

I want to start a relationship, knowing that it has a future. Because getting in with someone for a few weeks or a few months and seeing things come to an end just when it gets serious, it’s pretty exhausting …

It’s exhausting physically, morally and emotionally. I want someone with whom I can start building. Attention, I do not speak marriage, children and pavilion in the suburbs. Simply a serious and fulfilling relationship. A relationship where one is truly two.

I am ready to ask myself. I am ready to commit and give myself and I believe that whoever shares my life will be a lucky man. Just as I hope to one day be the lucky woman who will share the life of a wonderful man.

Celibacy is very nice but I want something else now. I like my independence, but I’m ready to make room for someone else. I want something real and strong. Something intense and passionate. I want to grow and improve with the one who will love me and whom I will love.


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