I want a man who allows me to feel beautiful

Any man can tell you that you are beautiful. Anyone can compliment you on your beauty or your physique. In other words, words are just words and they do not mean much if they are not accompanied by gestures and deeds.

But only a sincere man will find ways to make you feel beautiful every day and even more at his side.

Of course, desire and physical attraction are part of a fulfilling relationship. Obviously, everything depends on everyone but s exuality holds a relatively important place in the life of a couple.

But physical and se xual alchemy is not the only thing that matters. Above all, it is not enough for a relationship to persist over time and strengthen over the years.

In short, in my own name and in that of all women: I want a man who allows me to feel beautiful. In short, a man who does and be all things that follow: `

I want a man who looks me in the eyes

Because a look says a lot. It is said, moreover, that he is the mirror of the soul …

I would like my companion to look me straight in the eye, as if he could read in me and also as if he invited me to read in him. This look, deep and intense, it will also be a form of communication that belongs only to us.

Like a tacit agreement. An admission of honesty. To immerse oneself in those of the other is to love oneself without saying a word. It is to understand oneself without having to speak. It’s about sharing something unique and giving oneself, in an almost mysterious way, to each other.

I want my companion to touch my hair in public

Yes, I know, it sounds insignificant like that … But it says so much about someone’s feelings. A man who feels no shame at putting his hand in my hair or caressing my wrist in public is a man in love!

And it’s a bit selfish … Because it’s a unique sensation that takes us to distant lands! But what better feeling than talking to a group of friends to suddenly feel the hand of her half slowly slip into her hair?

We feel loved, protected and loved. We also realize that our companion is having a hard time breaking any physical contact with us and that it is mutual! We feel beautiful and irresistible too. 

I want a man who smiles at me when I enter the room where he is

Again, it’s a very small thing, which may seem insignificant. However, it is these little things that mean a lot and that attest to the importance we place on others. And that’s what I want to be in the eyes of my loving partner: an important, unique and cherished person.

Whether I enter a restaurant, our room, our kitchen or a bar, I would like her eyes to instantly turn to me and that my presence gives him a smile. I wish he smiled as if he saw me for the first time, as if he had never noticed how beautiful I am.

And that, too, is a beautiful proof of love. This is proof that even after years of living together, love and desire are still there. The proof also that he does not take me for granted and that he is able, even today, to tell himself that he is lucky to have me.

I want a friend who makes me laugh!

Because it’s so important! Laughing with two, in a couple is paramount. It’s a sign of complicity. It also means that we are on the same wavelength. That we have the same values, etc.

And I believe that a man capable of making us laugh every day is also a man who can allow us to feel beautiful!

I need someone who apprehends life with humor and lightness. Someone who does not take himself too seriously. Someone able to be sarcastic, caustic, or to be in self-deprecation. A man especially who understands that laughter is sometimes the best solution.

I need to laugh !!! But like all of us, I believe.

I want him to kiss me when I least expect him

Life is not always kind and it is not always pleasant. That one is a student and that one has to revise during whole days. That we are overwhelmed and that we have reported hours of work at home. That one is sick and bedridden several evenings in a row …

Nothing is more pleasant than feeling an unexpected kiss on our lips or in our neck!

And I also dream of a man (mine, eh!) Who catches me by surprise and I plate against a wall to kiss me … As we all believe!

And this, even after years of relationship because love is maintained, as well as desire. What’s more, physical contact is extremely important in a romantic relationship. It helps to solidify the bonds that unite two people. It is thanks to this (among other things) that one can really feel loved.

I want a man who can give me beautiful compliments, of those he does only to me

Of course, I would like my companion to tell me that I am beautiful, that I am intelligent and that I am kind. But I would also like him to compliment me on my unique qualities, on those things that he finds only in me and in no one else.

I do not want those compliments that he has already made to all the others and that he pronounces for the tenth time. I want to feel special, in his heart and in his life, as in the pretty things he tells me.

And I think it’s something inherent in love. When we really love someone, we love him in his entirety AND in his uniqueness. We love it so much that we are even able to compliment those little flaws that make one person incomparable to another.

I want a man who does not rush the preliminaries

No, I want to be with someone who loves them just as much about me. Someone who benefits and who can enjoy every moment of our antics. Someone who knows how to love these sensual moments where one only caresses shyly.

I want a man who knows how to take his time and who likes it! A man who also truly understands a woman’s desire and s exuality. A man who can communicate and listen.

A man who appreciates preliminaries is a man who appreciates your body, every nook and cranny who could spend hours exploring it without ever getting tired of it.

I want a man who is able to be (at least occasionally) chivalrous!

I would like to meet someone who is, like me, a lover of small gestures. Because they are the ones who say the longest.

Do not get me wrong, I’m a convinced feminist but my convictions are absolutely not antinomic to male courtesy! On the contrary…

So, I would like a man who will hold the door when we leave our house. A man who, for the sake of protecting me, always walks on the roadside. A man who hands me his jacket when I’m cold.

I would like to go out with a gentleman. But especially with a respectful man who offers help to old ladies wishing to cross or to the child trying to reach a shelf too high at the supermarket.

I want a man who can anticipate my needs

No, it’s not too much to ask … So, of course, no need to anticipate my needs every day and 24/24 hours. But I would like someone who knows a minimum read in me. Someone who knows me and who is constantly trying to learn more about me.

I wish that after a long and difficult day, my man would be able to propose myself to make the meal. We are in 2019 and I think it’s the minimum. Because it is something that I will do for him with great pleasure if need be.

I would also like someone who knows how to listen to me and feel when I need to speak. Someone who knows how to wipe my tears when they flow.

A man who is able to make us feel beautiful will also anticipate your needs and fulfill them.

I want my partner to notice and remember the little details

It is said that the “devil is in the details” … But love too! It is difficult to generalize about feelings, but still! A man who loves his girlfriend will tend to notice the small things of everyday life and to remember.

This ability is a sign of sincere and deep attachment. So, I would like my companion to be able to notice the small changes that occur in my life. Whether he notices it when I go to the hairdresser or just invest in a new dress.

And above all, I would like my companion to be able to compliment me when I do all these little things for me and for him.

Because this feeling of being “seen”, to exist in the eyes of the other is the most beautiful sensations in the world.

I want an open-minded man

We are all different and he has a taste for art, fashion or video games does not matter to me! But I want him to be open-minded. I want someone who is open to others and who accepts otherness.

Someone who does not judge, who does not make fun and who knows how to be kind. I want to be able to talk about everything with the one who will share my life. I want there to be no embarrassment between us and that we can open up to each other, little by little and in mutual understanding.

I want someone who wants to travel with me, meet new people and have new experiences. Because I want someone with whom I can grow and flourish. Someone that I can discover and alongside which I will also discover myself.

I want a companion who understands me

It may be a lot to ask! Let’s say I want a man who tries to understand me. A man who makes efforts and shows true listening skills.

A man who is a little psychologist and has a gift for patience. A man, especially who does not judge me and knows how to show tolerance when I tell him my troubles and entrusts me to him.

But I would also like someone who knows how to be objective and impartial. Someone who knows how to put me in my place if necessary, but gently and without ever overwhelming me.

Communication in a couple is paramount in a general way and especially for me. So, I want someone who listens to me, but who also knows how to talk to me.

I want a partner who helps me feel good when I go wrong

But also a partner who helps me get better when I’m already well! Because it is what sincere love and complicity it allows us to achieve: the feeling of being blessed and blessed, even when life treats us bitterly.

But I also want someone who makes me feel beautiful when I’m not necessarily … When I’m on the couch and in pajamas. In the morning when I’m not wearing makeup or hair. In the evening when I come home exhausted from my day’s work. At 5am when we come back from a well-watered evening.

Because love is seeing the beauty of being loved in all situations. I even think that a man in love is as beautiful when we wake up as when we are all dressed up …

I want a man who does not watch other women

It seems that today (as before), it is a lot to ask. Between social networks, dating apps and the internet in general, men (and women too) have eyes everywhere! We are beset with information, mostly s exual. And it’s exhausting.

It would seem that fidelity has become a mere obsolete and obsolete “concept”. But no matter, it is certain that I will never accept a man who is unfaithful to me. And you should all do the same.

I’m not stupid, when I say that I do not want a man who owls other women, I exaggerate a little. We all have the eyes wandering sometimes and as long as it remains discreet, it is tolerable. The eyes are made to see and that’s something I understand and accept.

But out of the question of accommodating myself to a man who would assault all the women who pass under his nose and the breasts strutting in the street!

I want a man who dreams only of me!

I want to be the one and only

And I think this is my primary criterion and it should be yours too. I want (and not I would like), without any concession, a man who wants to be with me. Someone who does not send messages to other girls in secret. Someone who does not talk for hours on dating sites and so on.

Someone who is with me by choice and not out of spite or to forget his previous girlfriend.

Of course, I would like my companion to maintain his independence. That he has his own activities and that they go out with his friends.

But on the other hand, if he ever had to choose between a football night with his friends and a romantic dinner, I would like him to always make the same choice: to be with me.

I would like to go first. To be his priority. His first thought and also his last.

NO, I’m not complicated, but demanding. It took me a lot of time, a lot of mistakes and a lot of thought, but I finally realized my value. I am amazing like the majority of people who inhabit this planet and I just want to love and be loved in return.

Only, to love someone is to do all the things mentioned above. It is to be tolerant and understanding. It is looking at each other, morning after morning and year after year, as the precious being he is. It’s respecting him and pampering him. It is offering him his soul and accepting his soul in return.


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