I take love seriously!

I have never been a follower of one night’s stories. Certainly, because I do not believe it.

I never understood how one could give oneself and get involved in a relationship that one can not imagine becoming serious. How can one give one’s love to someone with whom one is incapable of imagining a future?

We do not get together to fill a gap. We do not put a couple either to avoid loneliness or to go on holidays together!

Love is a serious story. Point!

Because the truth is the following, according to me in any case: if one feels empty, it is not a wobbly relationship that can fill this void. Unfortunately (or luckily), it does not work that way. Your problems will not go away like magic because you’re dating someone.

Love can be a dressing. He can be a nurse. It can also be a means of healing. But only when he is sincere and true. One-night relationships are none of that. On the contrary, a relationship that has no future and in which one invests in spite of everything can only be one more pain.

So, I want things to be clear:

If I go out with someone, it’s because I take our relationship seriously.

If I get in a relationship with someone, it’s because I take our relationship seriously.

Obviously, we are never sure of anything. But if I get along with someone, it’s in the hope of building something sustainable.

I put myself in a relationship hoping to start a family. Hoping to find a life partner. If I go out with someone, it is by having made an informed choice. It is by having made the decision to invest myself for the other and to offer myself to him, completely.

If I get in a relationship with someone, it’s because they are the only person I want to be with. The only person with whom I imagine myself, potentially for life.

If I choose a man, it’s because I see in him the father of my children. It’s because I just have to close my eyes to visualize our future and the life we ​​can build together.

I see myself waking at his side every morning. I see ourselves preparing breakfast for two and then serving it to our children. I see myself coming home from work and sharing a dinner with the man of my life. I see our house and the elements of decoration that we have chosen together.

I see our union, moments of shared joy and difficult moments too, that we will never have to face alone again. 

I see our laughter bursting in unison. I see our endless discussions and our two voices remaking the world. I also see a lover, a best friend and a companion. But what is certain is that I do not see any other option.

If you’re afraid to get involved, it’s too bad for you

This is the excuse fashionable nowadays … We start a couple. We start building something. We let the relationship evolve and then overnight, when things get serious, we suddenly realize that we are not ready.

We realize we are phobic of commitment!

But this is only an excuse! Because when we really fall in love, we can not do anything about it. It falls on us and ready or not, we go for it. Love does not really leave us any choice. The only option we have is to get started!

So for me, it’s very simple: if I’m not ready, I do not engage in anything. I will ask all the men who will cross my path to do the same.

And s ex is just as serious as love!

I sincerely believe that sex is an integral part of any relationship. It’s important, it’s one of the cements of love. But this is only my opinion and I would not allow myself to judge those who made the choice of abstinence.

But if sex is as important to me, it’s because I take it as seriously as love as a whole. I do not make love lightly. Love the first night, why not … Love with a man with whom I can not imagine myself in the future, out of the question.

Because I believe that love is the most intimate. Not because we are naked, but because we reveal what is deepest and most precious: our sincerity.

So at a time when bodies are disposable consumer items, I say no! I’m insulting myself …

In short, if I am with you, it is only you. Because you are the one and only, forever. 


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