Husband and wife fall in love with woman at gym and become TROUPLE

If now the word trouple is part of the new fragments of love discourse, the concept is not as contemporary as one may think. Three legendary households have already made headlines in the nineteenth century with the famous Victor Hugo, his wife Adèle Foucher and Juliette Drouet, a French actress. In 1943, Jean-Paul Sartre cheerfully romped with his famous companion Simone de Beauvoir and Olga Kosakiewic. This story, relayed by the Daily Mail, echoes these formerly condemned triads. A husband and his wife meet a woman at the gym. By mutual agreement, they decide to form a trouple and are more in love than ever.

Now, polyamour has entered the neologisms designating the most atypical forms of emotional and sexual orientation. For supporters of this type of relationship, love is a feeling that can not be sclerotic to a single object. Leo and Mary are among those lovers who think outside the box. When they meet their beauty at the gym, they are struck by the obvious: they had to invite him in their romance at all costs. Lighting.

An infernal trio

When Leo and Mary fall head over heels in love, they are barely 13 years old and know their first emotions of college. Four years later, they decide to marry in marriage and formalize their love. At age 34, Leo embarks on entrepreneurship and manages his Crossfit room with a master hand. It is also in his workplace that he saw the beginnings of his extraordinary romance with his wife. When they meet Kimberly Slagle, it’s a real love at first sight. An infernal trio was born.


Sharing a true friendship, Leo, Mary and the sportswoman Kimberley begin to nourish feelings of any other nature. It is then that they decide to concretize their love by forming what is commonly called a “threesome”. They decide to integrate their children into their romance and form a blended family. To share their moments of complicity, they publish their “funny life” on Instagram.

Love in the plural

For the three athletes, training a flock was obvious. They now assume their status as polyamoureux, a love orientation where partners are not confined to the choice of a single partner. “Choosing polyamour means we are transparent to each other. We love the plural and we are committed to living beyond social norms, “says Léo. Before adding: “To be honest, polyamory is not really different from a traditional relationship. We have a unique relationship with each of our partners that we love and cherish authentically, “adds Mary’s husband.

A United family

The children of the flock seem to live with this atypical home. The relatives of the triad accept this way of loving that is out of the ordinary. “We were lucky to have loved ones who love us for who we are. The important thing for them is to know how happy we are, “explains Léo.


If the flock does not run up against critics, it is nonetheless the object of curiosity of onlookers, challenged face this triad in love. This three-man household does not hesitate to inform them about their exceptional relationship. “We do not run into negative comments. We meet shocked people and they challenge us with many questions. Curiosity is normal, “says Mary. For these lovers, there is no harm in loving the plural. “It’s quite normal to follow your heart and be with the one who makes you happy. We only have one life and we have to bite it, “smiled the man.

Trouple : love to three

The word polyamour entered the sentimental jargon at the beginning of the 1990s. This concept emerges in the light of the appearance of the existentialist paradigm and evokes the harmony between the “contingent loves” and the “necessary loves”. Without necessarily adhering to the love triangle, this affective orientation is based on a desire for autonomy independent of the “shackles” of the coupling, a notion that moves away from the desire for the unconditional freedom of the polyamoureux.


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