How women love men

Enjoy the moment

Taking advantage of the moment is one of the things that attract women to men and it’s an attractive way to put the phone away at meetings, turn off the TV when talking together or turn off the power. computer, and so enjoy the present moment.

Knowledge of objectives, honesty, and trust

Many men are instructed to be strong men and to do what has been taught to them, but women prefer the brave man who risks and strives to achieve what he wants. Trust is also a thing. This strengthens the relationship, where trust stems from the sincerity of the man in every news he says.

Supporting Her dreams and goals

A woman is developing a strong relationship with someone who believes in her dreams and ability to achieve them, and who supports them in all circumstances, reflecting the extent of her interest and conviction.

Clothing and sense of humor

Women are generally attracted to a man who tastes good in the choice of his clothes, and humor is a blessing for men who are not tall or handsome, as this will help them to attract women’s attention. he could laugh and make him enjoy his time, it impressed him quickly.

Treat children gently

The man who looks after the children and manages them is something that attracts a lot of women.


Men’s self-esteem is a very powerful way of making a woman more impressed by men because trust means that men have a set of qualities that attract women.

Hair and smile

The presence of shiny hair is a sign of attraction, it indicates good care and good health. The smile of a man is essential to determine if it is attractive or not. This can be logical in physical and psychological terms, and the quality of the teeth is another proof of health, of the smile Spontaneity is a good indicator of how much happiness.


The elegant appearance and cleanliness of clothing, skin, and hair is an indicator of global attractiveness, perhaps because it is a good indicator for the self-esteem of men and women, who his turn expresses the health aspect. Those whose session is curved or bumpy and does not seem healthy.


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