How to stay motivated to play sports?

Ah, motivation … our great friend who takes us from time to time but we lose so easily! Sometimes I almost feel like there are two small voices in my head (I’m not crazy): one telling me to go to the sport, the other that it’s useless and that I’d better stay in the back of the sofa. I must admit that most of the time I manage to get the first one to win this “battle” and so I wanted to help you face this big question of how to stay motivated to play sports by sharing my little tips to stay motivated to go to the sport.

The idea of ​​this article to stay motivated to do sports is also part of many discussions with you on Instagram following my posts on the sport and my stories filmed in the room. I realized that these small shares did you good without feeling guilty and that you often wondered how I did to stay motivated to go to the sport regularly.

So if you also want to (re) move and you wonder how to stay motivated to play sports, I hope this article will help you!

How to stay motivated to play sports? Know why we make it!

An essential thing to stay motivated to go to the sport is to know why it is done. Keeping one’s goals in mind, whether physically or psychologically, allows us to do things much more with envy and determination than if we saw it as a mere compulsion and a moment of suffering.

It is also very important that this motivation comes from you and not from outside pressure or remarks made by your loved ones. It is also scientifically proven that intrinsic motivation is much more powerful and lasting than when we feel forced or do not see the meaning of what we do.

For my part what motivates me to play sports is both a physical goal of weight gain but also and especially the need to evacuate stress and take time for me without thinking of all that ‘s me surrounded.

Keep motivation to play sports thinking about the happiness felt after

Do you know when I’m happiest to be motivated to go to sport? When I spent a rotten day and I have absolutely no desire to go! In these moments I have a motivation to do sports at – 1000, I force myself to go and I always come out full of energy and good mood!

Just imagine the happiness and satisfaction we feel after our session is a source of motivation. Sometimes I even close my eyes and concentrate to imagine myself coming out of the room, full of energy and proud to be motivated and have a nice session!

o stay motivated to play sports: Do not ask yourself a question, act!

To complete a little previous advice, it is very useful to stay motivated to go to the sport to leave his thoughts and doubts aside to put on his clothes and leave to sit without thinking. Because it’s nice to wonder if you really have the energy or the time to play sports. The more we dither more we risk finding false good excuses not to play sports.

So instead of asking yourself too many questions, grab your bag, open your door and go for the sport!

To keep the motivation is not to compare but to inspire oneself

How to stay motivated to play sports when you spend your day compared to others, whether on Instagram or in reality? Impossible! So instead of telling you that you can not do anything just because the person next to you seems incredibly talented, stop looking at her! Surround yourself with people who inspire and motivate you to play sports, not those that make you feel guilty and down.

For my part, I mostly make a big selection on Instagram. For a while, I watched sports-only accounts, but after a while, it became guiltily and scary to see only sports all day while I was at work or on the couch.

So instead of hurting me and belittling me, I decided to follow more “lifestyle” accounts, with a little sport but also moments of real life! Just what to motivate to go to sport without getting your head! And you know what? I have been better since!

Motivate yourself to play sports with small rewards

To stay motivated to play sports, I have a little pact with myself: every 10 sessions or whenever I am particularly proud of myself, I offer myself a small gift. It can be a pastry, a magazine or a pretty plant, whatever! The goal is simply to have fun and celebrate each victory, as small as it may appear.

We often tend to focus on our failures and say that we can always do more or better. And yet every sports session is a great step that you have to be proud of. So instead of focusing on what’s there to improve, learn to watch everything you’re doing awesome today!


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