How to react when he cheats on you with his job?

You are happy and everything is going well in your relationship, except for one detail: your guy works too much and zaps you completely. Whether ambitious or just totally underwater, here’s how to fix it.<>

You have complete confidence in your partner and you are right. A healthy and balanced <>romantic relationship is<> based on primary values, including respect and trust.<>

However, for the past few weeks, you have doubted. Your boyfriend cancels most of your meetings at the last minute; he spends his time on <>his phone<> or on his computer. Above all, he keeps repeating to you that it is for the job, that he connects meetings and important projects and that he loves what he does.<>

You’ve known this for a while, but your guy loves his job. Maybe even a little more than you. And unfortunately, you find it more and more painful, especially since you feel like you are going after your <>professional activity<> .<>

But how do you react when he cheats on you not with a colleague but with his job?<>

How to react with a guy who works a lot?<>

In fact, rest assured, your guy is not cheating on you. No, it’s just that he is highly devoted to his work and honestly, we can’t blame him too much. If he is ambitious, it is more a quality than anything else.<>

Tina B. Tessina, psychotherapist, explains to the <>Women’s Health site<> that it is common for one of the two partners to work too much and that he becomes slightly obsessed with his job.<>

Many positions, especially at higher level, require a constant presence on the position, that is to say even in the evenings, weekends and holidays. But this can become a real problem within <>your relationship<> .<>

The objective is not to rush your partner, since this one could turn upside down or on the contrary, feel really guilty. It could also start to move away from you and that is really not the goal. However, you cannot stay in this situation, especially if it makes you suffer. You must act, but in the right way.<>

How to find a healthy balance?<>

In this kind of situation, you must first try to understand why your partner behaves in this way.<>

Is it because he is afraid of being fired? Because he really invests himself in <>the job<> ? Or simply because we ask too much of it? This will initially help you understand the daily life of your companion.<>

However, it is necessary for your relationship to establish limits. It’s okay not to stop him from working, but he has to manage to give you some time. Obviously, if it concerns a specific period, for example two weeks or a month, let him concentrate fully on his work.<>

The best thing to do is talk to him and try to find a solution with him. You just have to try to find the right balance to safeguard your desires, your needs but also yours. It’s the purpose of a <>romantic relationship<> , isn’t it?<>

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