We do not always have the necessary time or simply not the desire to prepare meals. The key to not spending all of your Sunday afternoons in the kitchen is to have a plan. I followed a blogger named Leanne Miyasa, who created a fast system that allows her to prepare all the meals of the week in just 90 minutes.

says Miyasa, who created the Simple Healthy Delish blog. With a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which equates to approximately 90 minutes of preparation per meal.

It’s too good to be true? Let’s see that more closely. Put Miyasa’s approach to the test. I share these rules that she uses for quick meal preparation. This will leave you plenty of time to do something else!

Here are 4 tips from a master in preparing meals to cook your Sunday meals in record time.

1. Buy basic ingredients that blend together

Meal preparation does not really start in the kitchen, it starts at the grocery store or at the store.

Fill your cart with items that can be used in different ways. “I always buy two different types of protein for lunch and dinner, and protein for breakfast,” (eggs are his main source of protein for breakfast). You must also buy a few boxes of tuna or other fish.

“Then I take 2 types of starchy foods or cereals. For example rice and quinoa, and I change every week. Then vegetables.

As long as you have protein, vegetables, and cereals / starchy foods, your bases will be covered.

2. Invest in this cooking tool

Some people might talk passionately about their mandolin or toaster, but another device has captured the heart of Miyasa: its Rice cooker (or “rice cooker”) with steam basket. When it’s time to cook, the first thing Miyasa does is take her Rice cooker.

It turns out that you can put a lot more than just rice. The rice cooker cooks both quinoa, beans and lentils.

“The key is to get one with a steam basket”. With a steamer, you can also cook eggs and other supplements. So it’s ideal if you want to do several things at the same time.

3. Prepare the oven first

First, turn on the oven. You must leather everything that needs to be baked first so that it is done as fast as possible.

Then Miyasa prepares the vegetables and starts to cook the meat. At this point in the process, Miyasa has her Tupperware near her. Typically, eight containers, and as things end, she begins to fill them.

“All I do is prepare meals with essential ingredients that can be divided throughout the week. It means putting quinoa or rice in one container, sweet potato in another, chicken in another, and so on.

4. Refresh your dishes

At the beginning of the week, all these foods are ready to use and are probably very delicious. But in a few days? The question is relevant, Miyasa admits that she usually uses all her protein ingredients before Thursday. She then uses cans of tuna or other fish and adds them to the rice or salad.

And about the food you still have, the key to keeping a fresh meal feeling is adding something fresh. For example, this may be avocado, coriander, crayfish and especially lemon juice for instant refreshment. “The lemon juice is huge, put it on everything! “.


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