How to prepare fruit salad


Fruits are one of the meals that every human should eat every day. Indigestion; fruits retain the beauty, luster, and clarity of the skin and delay the appearance of signs of aging.

Fruit salad is a light snack, which contains low calories, in addition to its delicious taste and favored by most people, young or old, and is one of the hospitality methods that we offer guests to various occasions, and there is no doubt that there are many ways to prepare fruit salad Because this recipe has flexibility in the way it is prepared, we can add our favorite fruit to the recipe and do not commit to specifying a particular type of fruit.

How to prepare a fruit salad


  • 2 kiwi.
  • A glass of strawberries.
  • A grain of green or red apples to taste.
  • Two oranges.
  • One pear of a glass of orange juice.
  • Two bananas.
  • A glass of honey or a diameter that is as thick as honey.
  • A glass of whipped cream is ready.
  • Sprinkle of nuts.

 How to prepare

  • Peel the apples, bananas, oranges and pears.
  • Cut the fruits into medium cubes, then mix them all in a dark bowl.
  • Add the orange juice to the fruit pieces and mix well.
  • Add honey or dense textures and mix them together, leaving them in the refrigerator until cool.
  • Place the fruit salad in serving cups and garnish with whipped cream.
  • Decorate the salad face with nuts and serve cold.
  • The cream can be replaced with cream or ice cream.

Fruit salad with jelly


  • A glass of right strawberries.
  • Three bananas.
  • A glass of red grapes, squeezed.
  • A glass of green grapes, squeezed.
  • Two oranges.
  • Three kiwifruits.
  • Two packets of plain, any flavor you prefer.
  • Wooden skewers.

How to prepare

  • Prepare the dish as written on the box, then pour it into a Pyrex dish and place it in the fridge until it holds together a bit without freezing until it just condenses.
  • Cut the fruits (bananas, oranges, kiwi) into medium-sized pieces. Place the fruit on wooden skewers, in the order, we see fit.
  • Dip the fruit skewers with the jellies until they are firm, or we can put the skewers in the pyrex tray, put them in the refrigerator and remove the skewers before the dish is completely frozen.
  • Put the skewers in the serving tray, then decorate with cream and sprinkle nuts.
  • Or: Put the pieces of fruit directly in the jelly without skewers after preparation and before holding, then put in a refrigerator to cool and freeze completely.

Ways to make a fruit salad

There are several ways to offer fruit salad in an attractive way, and shows the beauty of fruit colors, including:

  • Serving fruits in wooden skewers, topped with marshmallows.
  • Cut the fruit into slices, then half it in layers of glass dishes, for each fruit layer.
  • The melon peel and cantaloupe can be used as a serving dish.

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