How to make someone love you while he doesn’t


The word love is used to signify affection and compassion towards others. It’s one of man’s strongest emotions, but some people abuse it by mixing it with a different set of feelings and other feelings. A natural love is the love of a family, friends and the love of a couple for each other. There are seven different types of feelings of love: for example, the feeling of love for the mother is very different from the love of a life partner.

The concept of love

Scientists define love as a small locus located near the center of the brain, which differs from what poets and singers organize and sing and claim that love comes from the heart. Scientists have discovered that human nerves some parts of the brain active when people see their loved one. Four brain regions are directly related to the feelings of love and love is physiologically different from the inclination of a person.

How to change feelings of hatred for feelings of love

It’s hard to make anyone love or admire anyone. It is possible to feel love for someone who feels hated for him and does not share his feelings. If this person is a colleague, a friend or perhaps a boss, this can be changed. Feelings of hatred in some people become feelings of love, doing the following things:

Look for the reason for feelings of hate:

if there is no good reason for these feelings of hate, you can invite that person to become a friend and, if there is a reason, you need to know how to remember things and situations that occurred with that person, where that person may have misbehaved with the other person, which led him to create feelings of hatred.

He should adjust things with this person by apologizing or clarifying the situation if there is a misunderstanding leading to hatred and striving to improve in order to create feelings of love in the hearts of others.

Help and support for this person:

This is done by doing simple things without attracting attention or asking for thanks.

Ask this person for help:

It will make him feel good help; Start a conversation with this person or ask for an exit: the first attempts may be unsuccessful, but the ice will melt over time.

Woo this person’s friends:

Friends help get rid of hatred.

Visual Communication:

Eyes being the window of the soul, studies have shown that visual communication can attract people.

Spread the good feelings of this person:

It is done by smiling because the smile helps to change the mood and creates a desire to be around the person smiling.

Maintain ambiguity and not talk about everything:

A person’s belief that there are more things he does not know about the other makes him willing to see him again.

Demonstrate the positive side of life:

with the ability to confront it in a renewed spirit and with constant optimism, this person will feel safe when accompanied by positive people.

Maintain personal and virtual cleanliness:

These elements have a significant impact on the demonstration of the power of the personality and confer a positive character to others.

General rules for someone to love you

  • There are a number of general rules that help make a loved one:
    Spontaneity and Self-Confidence: Spontaneity is one of the things that helps to attract others, in addition to self-confidence and avoiding exaggeration.
  • Think positively: this is done by calmness and gravity while defying negative thoughts.
  • Sacrifice: which means giving without counting nor waiting. But it must be a sacrifice without compromising dignity.


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