How to make a baby sleep early

Take a hot bath

The hot water allows the baby to relax and therefore sleep early. It is important to keep the baby’s toys in front of his eyes, reduce the noise and lights so that the baby can sleep early with the help of a hot bath.

Common sleep

Studies have shown that shared sleep, which is supposed to sleep a child next to his father or in a bed adjacent to his parents’ bed, has a significant impact on the organization of the child’s sleep dates.

Whether you are with or against this method should be praised as an effective method to help the child sleep early and to reduce the child’s fear and anxiety, and increase their sense of peace.

Have an early dinner

The body needs plenty of time to digest well, and digestion is best when the person is sitting or walking, but if she is lying down, she will stay awake longer, as the body processes what was eaten during dinner. It is therefore recommended to have dinner early and before. Three hours after bedtime.

Practice sports

Exercise during the day helps reduce stress and increases the need to sleep early in the child. Before bedtime, it can activate the adrenaline in the body and thus wake up the person longer.

Follow the early sleep routine

The routine method is one of the best ways to sleep early and aims to have parents set a specific time to sleep a child, regardless of age. As a result, the child will be used to sleep alone and, in this case, will be removed from the parents and the child will be responsible for his sleep.


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