How to help your single buddy find love (if she wants to)

Your girlfriend has everything to please but no one to tell her. And if that is certainly not a problem (you don’t have to fulfill yourself in a relationship), she recently told you about her desire to meet. Here’s how to help.

Let’s start with a fact that it seems important to remember: not everyone necessarily wants to find love. We obviously have the right (regardless of the surrounding social pressure) to live happily unmarried without feeling the vital need to be two.

When you look for it, however, the road can be winding. And an ally is not too much to make your way between missed appointments and other seedy dating apps. So you, to whom your friend has confided in lamenting the fact that she could not get hold of someone good in the ocean of to card · es that surrounds her, take action. Become his number one support, without turning heavy.

1- Give her self-confidence

Your friend is funny, intelligent, radiant; in short, the jackpot for who will succeed in winning his affection. Except that oddly, you have the impression that it is not as certain as you of its value. Classic. And there is only one remedy for this lack of discernment on her own qualities: to repeat what you think of her until she believes it.

By force, she will begin to trust her and will eventually convince herself that she deserves better than the previous romantic failures. And then whoever she will also meet, will be convinced that he or she has just run into someone who is out of the ordinary.

2- Push her out

Except if she falls madly in love with the person who will come to repair her plumbing (not sure that this kind of scenario ends in a marriage ), the only way she meets someone is by leaving the comfort of her sofa – moderately tempting, we know.

To start the romantic mission, offer her outings, evenings with people from your circle that she does not necessarily know, multiply the occasions in a subtle and discreet way, as you know how to do it. After the 10th aperitif and second glass of white wine, it should pay off.

3- Intervene when it smells like fire

It has been a few weeks since she has been dating someone to whom she seems really attached, and you are not sure of the sincerity of the energy gene. Enthusiasm seems to come more from her side, and your mental list of all the strange reflections to which she was entitled from this guy is growing day by day.

If you have often heard it said that you should not meddle in a story that you do not live from the inside, saving your friend from a potential sentimental ambush gently remains authorized – and highly recommended. Speak to her without giving her authoritarian advice, but rather asking her how she feels about this dynamic. Kimberly Seltzer, dating coach interviewed by HuffPost Us, is moreover formal: “Be honest. Inform them of your concerns and tell them that this person may not be as compatible as they think”.

4- Introduce him to an equally incredible person

You only have fearful friends? Cross your fingers so that it does not fall under their spell. Do you still have a little hidden pearl which luckily has no one on its side either? Do everything so that the two meet.

A word of advice: however, avoid the anxiety situation of sending him to break his teeth on a blind date, or to invite the lucky winner to a dinner for four so that the magic can work. Nobody wants to hit two hours of embarrassing silences around an overcooked leg of lamb.

Instead, bet on an evening in a bar where you can invite the two among others, without warning them of your Machiavellian plot. “Natural” encounters always work better.

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