How to gain weight for women

A few days ago, I received a question from one of you about how to do bodybuilding while remaining feminine and having more shapes. This may seem strange as a question and yet you have to understand that putting on weight is a real fight for some people! This is also a subject that really matters to me because I also want to grow a little and muscle to be more feminine … because we associate more bodybuilding to a body of a very muscular man. Yet bodybuilding and femininity are quite compatible and it can even be very useful when you want to have more defined muscles or take a few pounds!

And there you may say that I fell on the head because 1. to gain weight it is enough to eat fast-food in front of NetFlix and 2. there is no norm to be a woman and we Are all-female Yes … Except that 1. the idea is to gain weight healthy and to get fat, not to gorge! And 2. I totally agree with this remark, it does not prevent that I  feel like living in the body of a little girl and I would feel much better with a few more pounds!

So that’s why I started going to the gym and learning about bodybuilding for women. Except that there is very little content on the internet to “grow” well when you are a woman, and especially how to gain weight with bodybuilding to stay feminine. And since this seems to be useful, it is with pleasure that I share my tips to gain weight through bodybuilding! 

How to gain weight with bodybuilding?

First of all, if you hear the words bodybuilding and woman in the same sentence you are afraid to find yourself with the body of a bodybuilder, no worries!

We have absolutely no testosterone (a hormone that is very present in men and much less in women) for that! This hormone that men have in large quantities allows them to build muscle very easily. We, women, have only a few, so no chance to turn into Hulk

How to start with bodybuilding?

To quickly explain how bodybuilding works, be aware that a session is composed of different exercises such as squats, lunges, pumps, and abs. For each exercise, you must perform several sets of each exercise, for example, 4 sets of squats, 4 sets of slots, etc. Each of these series is composed of repetitions, often between 6 and 15 depending on the objective (weight gain or elongation …). In the end we could have 4 sets of 10 squats (4 x 10 squats), 4 sets of 10 slots (4 x 10 slots), etc.

To build muscle and gain a few pounds, I advise you to do  3 to 4 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions  (no more, no less) of the same exercise. This allows you to gain volume and therefore gain weight and not to stretch the muscles too much. It is also extremely important to take breaks of at least one minute (up to 2 min) between each series. It gives your muscle a little of its abilities. If you skip these breaks, you will exhaust your muscle that will need even more energy and therefore calories … And here, goodbye mass gain and the few pounds that we want to win!

How to know what weight to take in bodybuilding?

To determine how much weight to take, you must be able to do all the rehearsals for each series, but the last one must be very hard to do.

Above all, do not hesitate to start light and increase the weights as and when the series. So at first, it’s a bit long, you have to test different weights but it will allow you to determine your ideal load while avoiding injuries. It may seem a little tedious it’s true but it is well worth it!

Once you have determined them, write them on a piece of paper or in a notebook dedicated to bodybuilding (where you can also record your progress and your weight gain). And do not worry, you’ll remember yourself very quickly how much weight you raise what exercise and you will not waste time with this memo.

If it’s too hard to do 8 to 12 repetitions and you only make 6, lightens the load.
If on the contrary, you could continue to make twenty, see a little higher!

Tips for gaining weight in general:

Finally, I wanted to give you some advice if you also wonder how to gain weight. First of all, you must know that to get fat, it is imperative that what you eat brings you more calories than what you will spend. So you have to eat more than the energy your body needs to stand, think, play sports, etc.

It is, therefore, necessary to find a balance between doing too much sport, which will make you burn too many calories and prevent you from gaining weight and build muscle, and too little sport because that’s how it is we will make her muscles grow and find more “feminine” forms (again, one can be a beautiful woman while being filiform !!).

Bodybuilding is often recommended for gaining weight because it allows the muscle to gain volume (“gain”) while most sports lengthen the muscle and are mainly used to lose weight and / or tone.

When you want to gain weight, there are also some sports to avoid including everything that is too cardio like running, cycling, boxing, Zumba, etc. I advise you to do a minimum, at least initially so that your body can take the mass. Although it is essential to train your heart, it must be done in small doses and you can very easily come back after!


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