How to compliment a man? 10 Ways to Melt His Heart

Compliment for a man? Hmm … It almost sounds wrong! But, the last time someone gave you a compliment, what did you think of that person? Suddenly, it seemed more sympathetic to you, didn’t it? It is a normal human reaction. So if you want a man to love and appreciate you, give him compliments! It is the safest way to his heart.

The most beautiful compliment for a man is to be recognized for his fair value, so do not hesitate to congratulate him for the work accomplished or for his way of reacting to a difficult situation. But beware! When you compliment a man, be honest and real: don’t invent qualities he doesn’t have!

Why complimenting a man is important

Has anyone ever told you that you should never give compliments to a man because as soon as you show a little interest in him, he loses something for you? This is completely wrong! Knowing how to give a man a compliment is one of the talents that should be part of your charm.

Men appreciate compliments as much as women. It boosts their ego and makes them want to move on. A guy who knows that a woman likes her manly side or her sense of humor will instinctively make more effort to seduce her and prove to her that she was not wrong.

Likewise, if you praise a man for his professional success or his determination to achieve his goals, you are giving him the boost he needs to work more to improve his life and his social status. The compliment (especially that of a beloved woman) is an essential asset for the personal, emotional and psychological development of the man.

He needs to know that you are aware of how lucky you are: he is awesome! He knows it but he can still have moments of doubt and questioning. Remember when you lost your job, for example, you needed the support of your partner, or at least the person you were secretly in love with, to cheer you up and get back on track.

The same goes for men. When they are sad or have had a bad day, their partner (or their contender) has incredible power: she can turn any difficult situation into something positive if she knows the magic words.

Examples of compliments for a man

Complimenting a man is an art in itself. You want to encourage him to make an effort and continue to be the best possible version of himself, but on the other hand, you don’t want his ego to swell excessively. Here are the 10 tips to follow to tell your partner that you appreciate everything he does:

1. Compliment for men: positive reinforcement

You want to push him to continue his efforts. It’s like dogs: you give them a reward when they behave well so that they keep going. For example, if he called you after an appointment instead of sending you a message; you can say something like, “Thanks for calling me. I really appreciate your phone call because I don’t like texting too much ”.

2. Compliment for men: great work

It is great to receive compliments from the people around us, but when it is a woman he likes who gives him one, it will push him to work harder to succeed. You can, for example, congratulate him on the number of kilograms he is able to lift at the gym.

3. Compliment for men: the physical

If you’re short of ideas, a physical compliment is always well received. Show him that you appreciate his new hairstyle and the result of his hours spent at the gym: it will give him confidence and he will feel extraordinarily good!

4. Compliment for men: intimacy

“You’re great in bed”: what man doesn’t like to hear that? During sex, we are all vulnerable and, at the beginning of the relationship, we always wonder what the other thinks of our performance in bed. So calm his fears! You can say something like, “I really like it when you …, next time, we could …”.

Not only will he be amazed by his own talents but also by the fact that you are able to talk about this subject. In addition, you will open the door to other sexual and sensual subjects that need to be improved. You will both benefit!

5. Compliment for men: intelligence

Your partner is not just a beautiful face. So be careful not to just complement its appearance; also emphasize his intellectual capacities. For example, if he’s a history fan, tell him something like, “I have never met a man who can speak of the Renaissance with so much passion and interest! I love.”

6. Compliment for men: style 

Show him that you appreciate the efforts he makes to always look clean and fashionable. Compliment her sense for fashion: “Wow! The last man I dated, always wear flip flops and washed T-shirts. While you are very elegant! ”

7. Compliment for men: the feelings it arouses in you

Little paradox: the longer you go out with a man, the less you tend to praise him. It is, therefore, necessary, from the start of a relationship, to establish a solid foundation and positive reinforcement habits. This will allow you to move towards a long-term stable relationship full of self-confidence and happiness. Say something like, “Every morning when I wake up, I think of you and I smile.” Or “With you, I feel complete.”

8. Compliment for men: laughter

Besides sex, men like to boast of being funny. Besides, don’t we say that the more fun a guy is, the more attractive he is? Laugh at his jokes and tell your friends how much you appreciate his wacky side. Don’t forget to throw a “you’re so funny every once in a while”!

9. Compliment for men: listening

Men are not known for their great listening skills. Besides, even if they listen to what we say, they often tend to forget our words. So when a man listens to you, emphasize this character trait! If, for example, you once said that you like chocolate donuts and that he made the effort to buy them this morning, tell him, “How considerate you are. Did you listen to what I said? I am so impressed. Thank you very much !”

10. Compliment for men: the relationship

As we said before: the longer you are in a relationship, the less you tend to praise yourself. Take time, each day, to get out of your usual routine to emphasize his qualities as a boyfriend (husband). If, for example, he makes soup for you when you are sick or if he gives you constructive advice when you have problems at work, tell him what a great partner he is.

If you want to be sure that your compliments really touch it, you can use these few techniques to reinforce their meaning:

Look him in the eye and smile.

Use “I” rather than “you” (“I like your book” instead of, “you wrote a great book”).

Don’t overdo it (10 compliments a day is a bit much).

Do not compliment him because you want to get something from him but because you only want to show him your appreciation.

Bonus: the words a man needs to hear

To help you in your approach, we have also prepared a list of 20 key phrases that each man needs to hear from his partner. Want to make him happy? Give him self-confidence? Push him to continue his efforts? Use these few magic phrases to touch your heart:

1. I’m so lucky to have you

A man needs to know that you value him. Let him know that you appreciate his contribution to your happiness and well-being.

2. I appreciate everything you do for me

“I see everything you do for me and it’s great!” If you ignore his efforts, this will push him to stop trying to please you. You don’t want that, do you? In this situation, from a purely selfish point of view, you must compliment him!

3. You are so handsome

He finally started going to the gym and even if his efforts are not yet visible, congratulate him! If, in addition, he takes the time to work on his look, jackpot! Your compliments had the desired effect. Go on!

4. I listen to you

Like women, men need to be listened to. Has your partner had a bad day or is he having family problems? Sit by his side and listen to him!

5. I’m sorry

When you went a little too hard with the blame penny when you had a bad day; end the conversation with a simple “sorry”. This will show him that you are aware of your actions and your faults.

6. Your friends are funny

Sometimes women find it difficult to find their place in the group of friends of their companion. Sometimes, too, they do not necessarily enjoy their company (they are not funny or they drink too much). So even if they’re not perfect (you don’t need to see them every day), compliment them on those around them. After all, don’t we say that we are the image of our loved ones?

7. Hello, what if we had a little fun?

With this sentence, you show him that you are still attracted to him and that he is good in bed. Two birds with one stone! His ego will be boosted for the whole day.

8. Thank you

It is easy to get used to small gestures of tenderness. But don’t forget to say “thank you” when he makes coffee for you in the morning, for example. It’s the positive reinforcement he needs.

9. I’m on your side

An argument has broken out between your companion and his friends or colleagues; stand up for him and show him that you are with him, whatever the situation.

10. I trust you

“Do you think it’s better to buy or rent? Buy? Ok, I trust you”. Even if you have already made your decision, ask the question to include it in your choice. Emphasize that you care about her.

This also applies to loyalty. If someone told you that they saw your partner have a drink with another woman, don’t jump to the curtains. Ask him to clarify the situation and tell him that you have no doubt about his involvement in your relationship.

11. I respect you

Women want to feel loved and appreciated; men seek respect.

12. You make me better

It pushes you to surpass yourself and gives you the tools you need to succeed. Tell him that with his help, you have managed to lose those few extra pounds, for example.

13. It was delicious

Most of the time, men are not very good at cooking. If your partner has made the effort to prepare you for dinner and even if it is not that good, congratulate him! Next time, he will do better.

14. I am happy

Everything he does is meant to make you happy. So make the effort to tell him that his actions are not in vain.

15. You’re a rock star

A man can become all sugar if you compliment him on his singing skills. Does he have a tenor voice? Tell him!

16. You’re cuter than Brad Pitt

Even if he is not ready to appear naked on the big screen, congratulate him on the beauty and attraction of his body.

17. You make me laugh

Laughing woman, half in your bed … Happiness comes from a good dose of smiles and laughter. Even if he is not a born comedian, emphasize the quality of his jokes.

18. It’s not your fault

We all have bad days. So when you have the impression that you have emptied your bag on your companion because of tensions at work, say these few words to him.

19. I am proud of you

A man needs to know that he is doing a good job and that the person he loves is aware of his abilities.

20. You are a great father 

If you have children or if he has a son with his ex-partner, highlight his efforts by showing him that he is doing a great job. He sacrifices a lot for his offspring and needs support.

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