How is he when he is in love? Decryption according to its astrological sign

He may be acting <>weird <>because he is in love, but it is not easy to notice.<>

If everyone acted the same way all the time, the world would be a rather boring place. It is the different personalities and behaviors that make life interesting.<>

We are not attracted to characters from novels, movies and series because they act in predictable ways; we love them for the way they behave, for their mysteries and especially when they do things we did not expect.<>

But it can be difficult to understand what a <>person’s<> behavior actually means .<>

Your partner may have trouble expressing his feelings, so you never really know how he feels. You are trying to gather clues by analyzing his body language, but he too is difficult to interpret.<>

Being deeply attached to someone without being sure it is mutual can be particularly confusing.<>

Although you are the most assertive and courageous person in the world, no one likes being hurt and telling someone you love without knowing how they feel can be terrifying.<>

Is there anything worse than declaring love to someone who in turn tells us they don’t feel the same way? You feel silly and just want to take out everything you just said.<>

There is no guarantee that the person you are dating will want to go to the next level.<>

There is no application to find out what this or that behavior means, but astrology can offer valuable insights into the why of behaviors. And knowing that each person and each behavior is unique, we need all the help we can.<>

Although they are not true copies of each other, people born under the same zodiac sign share characteristics and these can shed light on how each sign behaves in certain situations.<>

If you want to know how your boyfriend is when he’s in love, find out what his star sign says. You may be surprised.<>

Aries (March 21 – April 19)<>

Aries are enterprising individuals who like to take the lead and make decisions. Aries men are shy when it comes to expressing their feelings but will not hesitate to use traditional methods and will offer you flowers, sweets or make declarations of love. They will also use less traditional methods such as a surprise picnic on the beach or a balloon ride. When an Aries loves, he is extremely generous in time and in love, but above all he will want to show you that with him, life can be a great adventure. Keeping his charming character, he will become extremely jealous as soon as you look at another man.<>

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)<>

If Taurus men can be strong and powerful, they can also turn out to be a complete mystery as to their feelings. It may take a while to understand that a Taurus man loves you, but if he is gentle, loyal and you sincerely feel that you can trust him, it is probably because he loves you.<>

He will certainly not be the type to offer you overpriced gifts, but he will be happy to prepare a dinner and make sure you are well.<>

If you feel that he loves you then you are probably right.<>

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)<>

Does your Gemini boyfriend keep writing messages, emails and calling you? Even if all your exchanges are not necessarily sexy or romantic, Gemini is versed in communication, and they will use this talent to show you how much they value you.<>

Do not be surprised to be at the center of the conversations he has with his friends and family, or to have inspired some of his songs and poems. His writings do not necessarily need to speak of love; if you are his muse, it is because he loves you.<>

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)<>

For people born under the sign of Cancer, love is intimately linked to marriage and the family. If he is in love, you will notice it when in front of a romantic comedy ending on a marriage, or when in meeting a friend’s newborn, he will have tears at the edge of the eye.<>

He is emotional because that is how Cancer is, but also because he has someone on his mind with whom he is looking to the future. If he introduces you to his parents, friends and colleagues, see it as a declaration of love as intense as a Shakespearean monologue.<>

Lion (July 23 – August 22)<>

A Leo man will be rather transparent in matters of love. When he’s not busy giving you overpriced gifts, he’ll sing your praises. Yes, he is generally a nice man, but if he becomes extreme and affectionate, it is a sign that he wants to take it to the next level with you.<>

Don’t be surprised if he does something outrageously foolish like asking you in marriage via a banner drawn by an airplane. The Lion love the grand and make almost a big event.<>

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)<>

You did not think that a person in love can be extremely critical, however, that is what Virgoes do. If he loves you, he will support you without limits in the fulfillment of your dreams and hopes, but he will also be critical about everything you do. Do not take his tendency to criticize too seriously, it is simply a part of his personality.<>

Virgoes are terribly discreet, so it can be difficult to know that they love you, especially since everyone has their own way of showing it. You will have to trust your own intuition regarding love and Virgo men.<>

Libra (September 23 – October 22)<>

A Libra man in love will remember each important occasion (your birthday, the date of your meeting) and mark the occasion by offering you something extremely special and well chosen. Libra will naturally have tender gestures, prepare your breakfast for example, just like that. Romanticism is one of the main qualities of Libra men, so you will see very easily if he is crazy about you.<>

Scorpion (October 23 – November 21)<>

A Scorpio man is a mysterious man and when in love, he is able to do anything to prove you wrong, just to make sure you are worthy of his love and attention. Once you are convinced that you are the one and only, the intensity will increase and you will become his world.<>

But beware ! Scorpions can be very jealous and it can be scary. If he loves you, he will love you with all his being.<>

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)<>

The good thing about Sagittarius men is that when they fall in love, they dive head first into their relationship. The bad news is that they fall in love all the time! They need to be constantly stimulated and get bored very easily.<>

They are fun and philosophical, and as long as you maintain their fascination, you will maintain their love. Yes, you will know immediately that they love you; but will not know for how long.<>

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)<>

Capricorn men are not known to go there four ways or for their gift for poetry. If they like you, they’ll tell you blankly. A Capricorn man is able to assume that you know he loves you and to act on it, showing you what a lover he will be.<>

It would not be the first time that we would see a Capricorn build a house for the loved one, to show him how much he cares about him and that he imagines a future for 2.<>

Aquarius (January 20 – February 19)<>

Transparent and predictable, here is everything that Aquarius men are not. You may need to use your most sophisticated psychological investigation techniques to shed light on how he feels for you. Does he seem captivated by everything you say, laughs at your jokes, does he feel like he never spends enough time with you? Then he is probably in love with you.<>

Aquarius men don’t really like sharing their feelings, which is why they can often seem cold and indifferent. They are just afraid of being injured and can be relatively careful.<>

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)<>

Take love and multiply it by 100, then reduce it to get a concentrate and you will have understood how Pisces live love. They love to love and will sacrifice almost everything for love. They are romantic and sweet.<>

You may feel overwhelmed by their love, but no doubt you will. The love of a Pisces could almost seem wrong if it is exaggerated, but it is simply the way they feel things.<>

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