How does a woman in love behave? The 15 signs that never deceive!

How do you know if a woman is in love?

Love is a problem for everyone, even for those who have been there for a long time. In addition to that, human behavior is a web of facts and facts that are difficult to understand. So when you mix the two, what do you get? Confusion! At that point, you no longer even know how to recognize the obvious signs that a woman in love gives.

Everyone shows their love in a different way; it depends on gender and age because, quite simply, the psychological and emotional responses to love vary. So how do you know if a woman is in love?

Love is a wonderful emotion but it can sometimes be very strange. A woman in love (whatever her age, her sensitivity or her status) cannot hide her personality changes when she finds herself facing the man she covets.

Sometimes she will behave like a child; sometimes she will pretend to be the wisest person on earth. Sometimes she will be open about her feelings while other times she will be very discreet, even completely silent. In certain situations, she will have the impression of living in a complete paradox: she will say one thing but do the complete opposite. A woman in love does not always rhyme her actions to her intentions.

All this confusion and ambiguous behaviors are due to the fact that she is madly in love with you. So how does a woman in love really behave? We have prepared a list of 15 indicators that reveal, no doubt possible, a woman’s feelings towards you. Generally, the man she covets or a friend spots these signs.

How do you know if a woman is in love?

1. Suddenly she becomes shy

When you are close to your loved one, you feel butterflies in your stomach. Women, of a more sensitive nature, manage this sensation differently: they do not dare to speak directly to the person they like, they avoid meeting the gaze of the man who attracts them and adopts a more rigid posture.

If she behaves like this, she is in love! She gives a lot of importance to what you think of her and her feelings towards you have taken control of her behavior. Hence, shyness! Even a very confident woman cannot avoid this kind of behavior.

2. Without reason, she gives you gifts

The exchange of gifts is considered an act of love and tenderness, but this woman gives you gifts for no apparent reason. In general, you buy something from your loved ones when it is a birthday or other important event.

A woman in love likes to invest time and make efforts to offer a gift to a man who pleases her. She is not going to buy anything; she’ll make sure it’s something you really enjoy (like this book you’ve heard about and can’t wait to read). The moment of joy that you will feel when opening your present becomes his main concern.

When you receive a gift from a woman, you can see it as a testament to her true feelings: she is in love and tries to tell you in a subtle way.

3. In front of you, she behaves like a child

Love brings out the strangest character traits of a woman. So she can start behaving like a child because she thinks it has a cute side. Many men find it attractive, moreover, and it is quite natural for a woman to be nervous, excited, tender and to speak in a high voice in front of the man who pleases her.

It is not trying to get your attention by behaving like this; she simply loses control of her actions. She can even pass for a clown, sometimes, but her emotions have taken over and she has trouble containing this childish behavior.

4. She asks you a lot of questions about your life

A woman in love seeks to know more about the man she likes: what he likes/dislikes, what makes him happy/sad, what excites/irritates him. she wants to know her passions, interests, and goals. A woman in love asks a lot of questions because she wants to make sure that your plans for the future and that your current life are in harmony with hers.

After all, appearance and beauty pass over time, but conversations, feelings, and real exchange remain. If her eyes shine when you tell her what you like, she is won over!

5. She starts the conversation

Most of the time, women don’t like to start the conversation. So when they do it (by phone or in-person), it means that they have a real interest in their interlocutor. And, men are generally not aware of this. It takes a lot of courage!

You will notice the excitement and joy in his voice when you talk to him about concrete and serious things. A woman in love does not pretend to listen to you; it absorbs each of your words because it wants to know everything about you.

6. She shows interest in everything you do

Whatever you do, it interests him! Video games, guitar, horse racing, and even FIFA: she is in love with you if she listens to you talk about activities that normally do not interest any other woman you meet. We simply make exceptions for the people we love; so even if she doesn’t like cars or hates English humor, she’ll listen to you talk about it with great interest.

Seeing you excited and happy when you talk about your hobbies and passions, makes her happy. She compromises and invests time to understand why you enjoy these activities so much. In addition, she knows that it will pique your curiosity and make you want to know it more.

7. She’s trying to impress you physically

She will make the effort to dress well to impress you because a woman who is not in love is not going to seek the attention of a man. She will highlight her strengths because she wants you to have a good opinion of her. It simply seeks to make you appreciate its beauty!

How do you know if a woman is in love? Look at her: she put her leggings and sneakers aside and put on a beautiful black dress! She wants to look sexy and attractive to attract your eye.

8. With you, she seems happier

She laughs a lot. She appreciates the time spent with you and the happiness you read on her face is a reflection of her feelings. Even if she is sad or has had a difficult day, seeing you brightens her day. She becomes joyful, laughs at your jokes and smiles when she meets your gaze.

9. She looks away when you look at her

Two types of people are said to be unable to maintain eye contact: those who try to hide a lie and those who try to hide their love. It is stronger than she: she loves you and when your eyes meet, she becomes shy and turns her head. She begins to blush and turn in on herself.

Her shyness takes over again and it is a clear sign that she is in love with you.

10. She is very attentive to your needs and wants

A woman in love wants to make sure you get everything you want. She will seek to satisfy you in all possible ways. It is in the nature of women to take care of the people she loves. She knows that she has nothing to gain from it so if she offers you these tickets for the concert of your favorite group (the same ones that you could not offer yourself); she is madly in love with you.

11. Gradually, you became her confidant

For a woman, it can take a long time to completely reveal herself to another person. So if this contender tells you about her little worries at work, her anxieties, her past, her deepest desires, and her apprehensions: she is in love! This means that she trusts you and that she is not afraid to indulge in you.

12. She overreacts

A woman in love is able to make a drama for small detail. An insignificant incident can take on disproportionate proportions. So, if when you spilled coffee on her white shirt, she dropped a few inappropriate words, don’t worry! It is when it stops reacting disproportionately that you will have to ask yourself questions. Love can sometimes make you impulsive!

13. She is jealous

Like everything, love has its negative sides. A woman in love can be very possessive and jealous. She can, therefore, take drastic measures: she will spy on you on social networks and search your phone or pockets. It is not the most glorious sign that a woman can give but it is an indicator anyway!

14. She adopts a new diet

Living on love and freshwater! It is not only an expression; it is a reality because a woman in love feeds on her feelings! As a result, his appetite is reduced. In addition, she does not want to lose her slim figure (she wants to remain attractive to you) and therefore pays attention to what she is eating.

15. She looks at you intensely

When you speak, his gaze is fixed on yours or on your mouth. Her eyes are wide open and she starts to smile as soon as you open your mouth. The intensity of her gaze betrays her true feelings: her eyes shine when she sees you. And that, gentlemen … It is the sign of a woman in love!

How to make a woman in love?

Your pretender doesn’t seem very interested in you? Or, it does not show any of the warning signs listed above, do not panic! Here are some tips for making a woman in love.

Warning! All women are different and there is no miracle recipe that will make the one you choose to fall in love with you. First, you need to be interested in her: ask her questions and listen carefully to her answers.

In addition to becoming her confidant, you will show her that you are a patient and attentive person. Be sincere and yourself. Do not try to manipulate or lie to him. She will quickly smell the pot of roses and you will no longer have a chance with her.

Also, be tactile: tenderness and sensuality are the most direct path to a woman’s heart. Touch him on the shoulder and stroke his hair (don’t be too intrusive or out of place).

Here, now, three plans to follow to answer your question: how to make a woman in love?

1. The technique flee from me, I follow you; follow me I’m escaping you

Show her that you are the kindest and most attentive man she has ever met, seduce her then … show yourself indifferent! Show him that you are interested but do nothing to go further. You should not ignore it, but you can, for example, refuse a one-on-one meeting because you are too busy. Guaranteed result! She will do everything to seduce you and have you.

2. Show her that you have the qualities she is looking for

Each woman has specific needs and expectations when it comes to a romantic relationship. By asking her questions and being attentive, you will know what she expects from a man. At the second meeting, you can highlight its qualities.

During your first tête-à-tête, she told you that she liked ambitious men? In the second, tell him that you have gone back to school to get a better position (if this is the case) or slip into the conversation that you plan to request a change of position, in order to move up the hierarchy of your company.

3. Present yourself as a challenge

It is frustrating not to get what you want. and often we want what we don’t have! So never show yourself acquired otherwise it will quickly tire of you.

Now you have all the answers you want: how do you know if a woman is in love? How to make a woman in love? So get in on the action!


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