How a narcissist experiences a breakup

Congratulations! You finally managed to get rid of your ex narcissist! It was an extremely toxic, abusive and manipulative relationship and it must have been very difficult for you. Surely it took a lot of courage and strength to leave this man who made your life impossible.

Now you’re trying to move forward, but the hard part is yet to come. Indeed, the break up with your former narcissistic partner was only the beginning of an emotional whirlwind, for which you must prepare yourself. Unlike most separations, this is not going to be a simple “goodbye, I don’t love you anymore and I don’t want you to be part of my life anymore”. No no no…

To break up with a narcissist, you must immediately cut off all contact with him. It must be a clear break and no turning back. If you are able to do this, you must prepare to suffer the consequences of your choice! Indeed, let’s not forget that a narcissistic man is dependent on the validation, support, and attention that his partner gives him.

So when you take the addiction away from him, he will suffer from the same symptoms as a drug addict when he tries to get clean. A narcissist constantly seeks stimulation to nourish his deep desire to be loved, adored and valued. It is for this reason that there are only two possibilities when you break up with him.

Either he will leave with his back to you without worrying about the harm he has done to you and that he still does to you, or it will sneak back into your life to further victimize you. In this second case, the narcissist is not able to accept life without you because he does not support the idea of ​​being alone. He will do everything in his power to win back your favors: lying, manipulating and playing the victim.

For a narcissist, rupture is a threat

For him, it is a defense mechanism: when you broke up with him, you hurt his ego. For this reason, he will use his primitive instincts to defend himself from the threat you pose. He will try to make you feel guilty: he will take the role of the victim and play with your emotions. He will use your vulnerabilities and insecurities against you (after all, he knows everything about you).

You should know that a narcissistic man is fully aware of all the harm he has inflicted on you but he has no remorse and does not regret any of his actions. He only cares about his own wants and needs and that is why he is always merciless! He is ready to do anything to make you fall back into his web. He will exploit you and sometimes even destroy you in order to satisfy his personal pleasures.

A narcissist is always patient

Even if, at first glance, he may seem stubborn, the narcissist is a very patient person when he seeks to achieve his egoistic objectives. In his actions, he can be very meticulous and methodical; he never rushes. The narcissist takes his time and waits for the ideal opportunity to mount the assault. You absolutely must pay attention to this!

Even if months have passed since your breakup, the narcissist can still find a way to return to your life. He will wait for you to drop your guard and, as soon as he sees an opportunity, he will start chasing you. Do not be fooled: stay on your guard and refuse any contact with him (even if you still think you are in love with him or that he has changed).

You are the drug he needs

The narcissist is an addict. He’s obsessed with you; you are his drug! By paying attention to it, you are empowering it. For you, the solution is quite simple: to take his power away from him, come out of his life completely! Be strong and keep your distance as much as possible!


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