Here’s why women who stay single end up being the happiest

They are educated, autonomous, well in their skin, beautiful and yet they are single. By choice, philosophy of life or obligation, these women are often the subject of several questions such as: are they happy? To find out, let’s read more.

A new study

Women are happier to be single than men, suggests a new study by analysts data Mintel: 61% of single women are happy to be single, against 49% of single men.

And the suggested reason for this is that for women, being in a relationship is actually hard work, between maintaining their appearance, doing more chores, and devoting more effort to solving problems or having arguments. this usually requires more effort and work for women than for men.

Moreover, women are simply happier to be single than men. The survey also found that 75% of single women did not actively seek a relationship in the past year, compared to 65% of single men. 

Why are single women the happiest?

They are happy women because they really learn to love each other. In their daily lives, they know they can take care of themselves, and they do not feel the need to have someone in their life to go out and have a good time. They do not fear loneliness, and may even be happy being single.

Better social relations

This kind of women really takes the time to build as individuals. Besides, they do not have to worry about being selfish, because they have no duty to anyone and do not expect anything from anyone. They devote all their time and attention to their personal lives and can do so without shame and guilt. Thus, they can give their friends all the time they want without having to worry about making a partner jealous, so they keep in touch with their loved ones and the people they love.

A possibility to realize their dreams

These women believe in their dreams and want to pursue them relentlessly and without having to compromise or abandon them for anybody. They dream big and are not afraid to go far to fulfill their dreams. They are deeply motivated, and their motivation is always intrinsic. They are hardworking and passionate. And they are exceptionally good at focusing on the task at hand.

Financial independence

These women are happy because they really know what it means to prosper independently. They do not have money problems because they invest smartly to make the money they spend knowing where and how to spend. 

Over the years, they have acquired the skills to live on their own. They are intelligent and know how to solve their problems, and as a result they are always able to cope even when conditions are not favorable.

A better knowledge of romantic relationships

They are happy and happy women because they understand the importance of each person’s private space and know that self-esteem should not depend on a relationship. They understand that being in a relationship is not the only thing that defines a person’s life, and that there are many other facets of life that are worth exploring and that are well worth the effort. devote yourself to it.


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