Here’s why gynecologists ask to urinate after s e x

When it comes to sexual health, it’s important to know what you need to do after s e x. Indeed, during but also after carnal pleasure, it is advisable to take some precautions to preserve its intimate hygiene and its health. In this sense, find out why it is essential to urinate after love.

Sexual intercourse is synonymous with pleasure, sensuality, complicity and sharing. However, they can also cause diseases and infections. Whether during the report, where it is important to protect yourself with a condom, but also after, there are some precautions to take. Simple actions, such as urinating, can protect you against various health problems. Explanations.

– Urinate after s e x: why?

During sexual intercourse, especially at the time of penetration, intimate parts are put to the test. This is especially true for women because their anatomy is more at risk than that of men. As explained by our colleagues Doctissimo, the vagina is located near the anus and the urethra, that is to say, the outlet channel of the bladder. Being shorter in women than in men, this urethra can come into contact with bacteria and pathogens of the anus more quickly, and vice versa.

However, foreplay (use of the hands, mouth, tongue or penis) and repetitive movements back and forth during s e x promote this transfer of bacteria and thus increase the risk of suffering from an infection urinary. As explained by the gynecologist, Dr. Odile Bagot; “The movements of penetration make go back E. coli along the urethra”. To avoid this and eliminate microbes, she advises to go to urinate after sexual intercourse.

The clinical sexologist, Sunny Rodgers, also goes in this direction and speaks in a section of HuffPost,  the absolute need to go pee after s e x. For her, this is the first thing to do after the act and in addition, a toilet with hot water and intimate soap at neutral pH should be considered, especially in case of a history of cystitis.

Warning:  This toilet must be external because you should never use soap or gel to clean the inside of the vagina; this part of the body being self-cleaning

– The gestures to adopt after love

In addition to urinating after s e x, Sunny Rodgers reveals to the  Huffpost other things to do:

  • Change of underwear:  After love, it is advisable to change one’s underwear and above all, to choose the right ones. She explains that cotton underwear is the most appropriate because it allows intimate parts to breathe while avoiding irritation. A criterion all the more important after intercourse because the vaginal area is more sensitive and prone to moisture.
  • Hydrate:  In addition to compensating for the loss of water caused by sexual effort, drinking water helps prevent infections. This will increase urination and facilitate the evacuation of bacteria. So, always keep a bottle of water on hand.
  • Take a snack:  In the same way that water helps the recovery of the body and promotes the elimination of bacteria, it is advisable to eat after sexual intercourse. Bet on healthy snacks such as almonds and nuts, but also on diuretic foods such as cucumber, green tea or tomato. And, if you want to prolong the complicity with your partner while taking care of your health, take advantage of this moment to prepare together what to eat.

Even if it seems to be against the present moment, that is to say, letting go between your partner and you, prevention is better than cure. As a reminder, in 8 out of 10 cases,   urinary tract infections appear after intercourse. What to convince us to take all these precautions!


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