Here’s what it really means to be in love, because it’s not just about making love and kissing

Being in love is more than sharing the same bed, having a dog and settling<>

Love is having a stomach ache when he gets home late, because you’re<>
afraid he had a car accident.<>

Love is about being as nervous as it is before a big presentation, because it’s<>
as if your bodies are connected.<>

Love is screaming at him when he does something stupid, because my<>
God, you can’t imagine what could happen if you were forced to live without<>

Love is turning around all night, because he’s not there and you can’t<>
sleep without feeling his body by your side.<>

Love means asking for details about her day and trying to remember the<>
names of her co-workers, her boss and her boss’s boss, so you can<>
follow her stories.<>

Love means spending hours, days, weeks shopping<>
online, because you want to choose the perfect Christmas gift.<>

Love is calling him from a McDonald’s parking lot, because you know you<>
can’t go home without buying something for him too.<>

Love is about checking the moles on his back and examining them to<>
find out if he should see a doctor.<>

Love is feeling aloof when everyone is talking about a<>
particular program , because you have been waiting to watch it with them and you have not yet<>
found the time to do it.<>

Love is waking up with an alarm clock that rings long before you<>
need to get up, because it starts the night before and you want to spend time with<>
it before it goes to work.<>

Love is telling her about your problems, even when you’ve had a hard day and<>
you don’t really want to talk about it.<>

Love is to decide not to drink, because he has already drunk three beers and it is<>
you who must be responsible this evening.<>

Love is paying the bill at the restaurant, because he paid for your meal the last<>
time and you are trying to be fair.<>

Love is seeing your family over the holidays without complaining, even if you would like to<>
spend time with your own family.<>

Love is reminding him to take a card for his mother or a bottle of wine<>
for his friend’s birthday or cakes for his nephew’s birthday dinner –<>
even if he really should have thought about it.<>

Love is trying to keep your voice calm and words calm, even when you’re<>
upset, because you don’t want to say something that would hurt him unnecessarily.<>

Love is giving up seeing a movie with your friends, because you already promised<>
to watch it together.<>

Love is helping him scrape the ice from his windshield and shovel the driveway, even<>
if it’s less than zero.<>

Love means resisting the urge to eat the last candy in your<>
favorite candy package , because you know he was saving it for later.<>

Love is being a team. Be best friends. Complicity.<>

Love means you are exactly where you are supposed to be.<>

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