Here’s what he secretly notices about you in bed and he’ll never tell you

Making love is an act that exposes both partners, not only physically but also emotionally. This is why many women are afraid of the gaze of their partner whether it is in relation to their body or their behavior in bed. But the thing to keep in mind is that if love is in the air, the man doesn’t really care about the details that bother women. And even if he notices them, he won’t necessarily let him know.

Here are 9 things your man will notice and won’t tell you:

1 – Stretch marks:

Yes, your sweetheart may notice your stretch marks on the belly, arms or even on the breasts in bed, but don’t tell you, because these marks in no way make you less attractive to them. Your man loves you and wants you as you are! Men rarely give too much importance to these small physical details, it is rather in your head that you will have to let go a little and accept your body as it is.

2 – The abdominal bulges:

This too is only a small detail which he obviously notices but which will not necessarily make him change the way he perceives you. If your sweetheart is with you, it is not (only) for your physique, but for the person you are.

3 – Pubic hair:

Obviously he notices your pubic hair, but there is no harm in keeping it! Women have to detach themselves a bit from the perfect image of the femme fatale they are trying to look like to satisfy their man. The issue of hair especially has long been a subject of debate. In recent years, women, in response to social pressures, have been looking for the smooth and beardless pubis, since this is considered today as a true symbol of sex appeal.

But what you need to know is that not all men think the same thing. Everything is a question of choice. So if your man doesn’t point out to you, it’s that he certainly has no problem with that.

4 – Your reactions:

In bed, men usually observe women’s reactions when they touch them because they guide them and let them know exactly what they like and what they don’t like.

5 – Your passion:

You can simulate an or gasm and your man can believe you, but it is almost impossible to simulate passion. You can’t pretend that you enjoy your lovemaking or that you really like it if it isn’t. And he will notice that.

6 – Your sensitive areas:

As mentioned above, your man is very careful with your reactions, so that he can know your desires and desires. If you do not react when he kisses you somewhere, he will understand that you did not like it, on the other hand, if you moan for example, he will certainly not stop.

7 – Your efforts:

Don’t think that your efforts in bed go unnoticed. Whether you are the type who lets himself be guided, but takes care to satisfy his partner, or rather who tends to decide in bed, your man notices everything and appreciates your implication in the act.
And if you are the type of starfish in bed, know that it does not go unnoticed.

8 – Your way of petting it:

Caresses and hugs are very revealing signs of affection. Your man, therefore, notices the way in which you come to snuggle against him and caress him, so as to know more about the nature of your feelings.

9 – Your “narrowness”:

Your man can’t help but notice if your vagina is tight enough or, on the contrary, wider, but he will certainly not tell you. It is quite normal for the vagina to lose its “narrowness” after childbirth or even with age, but this is mainly due to the weakness of the pelvic floor muscles. This feeling of narrowness or width, therefore, depends on the tone of these muscles. Besides, the woman can also feel this, because the more toned the muscles, the more intense the sensation and the better the orgasm. There are several ways to tone the pelvic floor muscles, including Kegel exercises.


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