Here’s how to love a woman who has gone through hell

Life is not always easy for everyone and everyone at one time or another has hard times to overcome. Life is made of joys and sorrows, ups and downs, and that is what allows us to appreciate the good times all the more. But it is also unfair, and some people may face tremendous hardships without having good counterparts.

Everyone does not react the same way in the face of hardship

In the face of the trials of life, not everyone has the same strength and courage to overcome and overcome them.

Recurring ordeals and difficulties particularly affect the most sensitive people who can become deeply traumatized in the long run. 

We do not come out unscathed from life to fight 

When we manage to climb out of the water, it is rare that we come out unscathed: the wounds that are kept in us are deep, the healing is long and tedious and we remain marked until to death so that life is never like before. 

Continue to advance

Moving forward after overcoming the most difficult challenges requires incredible strength and courage. Just as it takes to trust again, to rely on someone and rely on him, or fall in love.

Such a woman is not the easiest to love

It is difficult for a man to love a woman who has gone through so many horrible trials and who has the after-effects. 

This woman was pushed to the limit and faced all the evils, all the difficulties, and all the penalties, again and again, and again.

She is afraid of suffering again and she will not let you into her life easily. With time, she has forged a strong shell. 

It is only by showing you patient and understanding, by working hard to conquer it and persevering, that it will lower its defenses for you.

She will test you and you will feel

This is how she will test your limits. Expect her to push you away a lot. She needs to make sure that you care for her and that you really want to keep her by your side. Maybe she also feels a certain desire for revenge and she will hurt you voluntarily, as she was hurt. 

You will need extreme patience, tenacity and resolution.  

Pushing you back gives her confidence and helps her believe in her bravery and bravery, so do not worry. Because once she sees that you are patient enough to stay despite all her efforts to get away from her, she will be convinced that you are a trustworthy person. 

Be patient and persevering because it will only come with time. Like a wild animal that you would have to tame, she will get used to your presence in her life and let you in.

She no longer believes in love

She surely does not believe in love anymore. Prove to her that sincere love exists by showing her your devotion. Show her that whatever happens, your love for her is stronger than anything, stronger than your fears and apprehensions, for it is good. Show her that she can trust that love and will not hurt her.


Finally, reassure her because deep down, it is a fragile being who needs to be comforted and comforted.

A moment will come when she will not even believe that she deserves your love.

Strive then to convince her that she is, although damaged, a woman who deserves to be loved and that it is her wounds that make her beautiful.


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